My Favorite Songs 2018

As blogging on music became a quite frequent category at, I felt to look back to 2018 and introduce you to my favorite songs of the year. A couple of them might not be the chart-busters, but hope you like my very individual selection. I tried to limit myself to songs, which have really been published during 2018, i.e. no singles taken from 2017 (or earlier) albums.


5. Kacey Musgraves – Butterflies

Winning the CMA Awards for the best album of the year, nominated for the same title at the Grammys – Golden Hour was a huge success for Kacey Musgraves. Butteflies was one of the singles and my favorite track on the album. A very unique interpretation of country music, but definitely a great one. I had this song already in the April edition of my country music picks.


4. Kylie Minogue – Dancing

I admire Kylie Minogue and her career. Her 2018 album Golden was an absolutely great piece of work – the single was one of the summer hits 2018. Definitely a song which is more on the commercial side – but I just loved and love it!


3. Doro – All for Metal

Doro Pesch is just the undisputed Queen of Metal. I have been a huge fan of her for years, even being a member in her fanclub. This year, All for Metal gave me some sort of “personal comeback” of Doro to my life. I love her way to do music: yeah, some of you will remark that the plot of the lyrics is not too complex – but that’s Doro. Her double album Forever Warriors // Forever United got a four-star rating at All for Metal is just an amazing hymn for the hard rocking music with a great cast.

2. George Ezra – Shotgun

There is a strong debate between me and my wife: out of the 2018 George Ezra songs, she prefers Paradise, while I definitely go for Shotgun. The lyrics may be quite strange, but the song feels unique. I love Ezra’s voice, though there is such a strong contrast to the way he is looking alike. Look forward to see him live on stage for the first time in 2019.


1. Catherine McGrath – Lost in the Middle

Seeing her for the first time at the Country 2 Country in London, Catherine McGrath is the artist that most influenced my life in 2018. Her album, Talk of this Townis the one I listened to most during the year. Lost in the Middle describes how Catherine is dreaming into a country song she is listening to on a train ride. I am very often very touched by music as well – so this song made be sing, laugh and cry again and again in 2018. Thus, it was the definitely and undisputed choice for my Song of the Year 2018.



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One thought on “My Favorite Songs 2018

  1. Jeremy Samples

    Some quite nice picks Florian! I really enjoyed George Ezra’s Shotgun song, as it resonated to me and my current location in life. All were quite nice, though!

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