Adam Wendler – Motions

Adam Wendler - Motions



3.8/5 Pros

  • Very nice folk pop songs
  • Very nice last part of the album Cons

  • Too monotonous in the middle section

When I prepared the album reviews of 19th August 2022 album, I ran into Motions by Adam Wendler. The album includes eleven songs by the Canadian artist. I share my thoughts with you in this review.


Adam Wendler – About The Artist

Adam Wendler is a Ontario-origin folk-pop artist. He started playing the guitar in teenage years. His debut album Never Go Unknown has been released in 2017. Wendler added two more albums to his discography, All or Nothing (2018) and The Compass (2020). He is nowadays living in Berlin.


Adam Wendler – Motions – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 33 minutes.

1. Holding On

Acoustic guitar, the very warm voice of Adam Wendler and a rhythmic, almost summer-ish chorus – Holding On creates some good mood while listening this track on the pole position of the album. That’s not too bad for an opener, ain’t it?

2. Afraid of Zombies

From the very beginning of Afraid of Zombies, you have a very present, drum-computer alike rhythm. Again, the chorus has a very strong, almost magical presence.

3. Motions

The title track is one of my favorites. Undoubtedly, Motions follows a very similar pattern than the song before. But I just enjoy listening to Wendler and his stories. The chorus feels rather roots-pop alike to me.

4. Lost In The Water

Lost in the Water
I’m caught in the waves
It’s pulling me under
Don’t know how much more I take
Caught up from breathing
Barely awake
Hard to believe
I always make the mistakes

Despite these somehow dramatic lyrics, the fourth song comes with the easy and somehow uplifting folk-pop sound of most of the songs before. Good listen, even though I wished the song would create a stronger and more unique character.

5. Thin Ice

Thin Ice works with some more electronic elements, mainly on the rhythm side. This makes the song feel rather modern. Nice sound, even though I would state that I prefer other listens of this album.

6. Driver

Driver is the longest track of Motions. Again, the song comes with the dreaming character of many tracks in here. Really beautiful chorus

So let it out
On the backseat ride
In the cap you’re spinning
And fading now
In your younger days
You will be forgiven
Turn this car around
I hear you screaming
“Driver Let me Out”.

7. Is Nothing Ever Really Gone?

The shortest song of the album is following on the longest one. I am in the Adam Wendler groove, so that Is Nothing Ever Really Gone? feels familiar to me. However, I feel that this song does not really add that much value to the whole set of songs.

8. On The Run

The three minute track On The Run is definitely much more present again. The song has a clear pop touch, especially in the chorus. Nonetheless, you cannot neglect that – despite the song is good – it feels just a bit too familar to you.

9. Rockstar, Baby

Not only due to the music video outfit, this single release is special. A song which is made to push the audience to party with the artist – especially when Wendler is on stage and songs naturally feel a bit more energizing and rocking than as a studio recording.

10. Undercover

Undercover is some sort of suprise to me. The song has its very own style. Apart from that, it is a one of the best listens of the album. Nonetheless, the tenth track of Motions does not feel like being out of place on this album, but a really welcome additon.

11. Take It On The Road

The last part of the album has a very nice set of songs – and Take It On The Road is definitely one of these very nice listens. Very good closer with air play potential.


Adam Wendler – Motions – Spotify

Here is Motions on Spotify:


Adam Wendler – Motions – My View

Bad luck, Adam! Motions could be a great album, if you moved away from your comfort zone a bit earlier than at the last tracks of the album. There is a lot of talent in these recordings, I enjoy listening to Wendler’s voice and stories.


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