Christina Taylor – Covers Vol. 1 EP

Christina Taylor - Covers Vol. 1



3.5/5 Pros

  • Three nice covers
  • Energetic showcase of Christina's voice
  • Rather a gift to her fans than a serious publication Cons

  • All songs released on YouTube before
  • Just three songs

Since I ran into the music of Christina Taylor some two years ago, I am a huge fan of her music. Meeting her at the CMA Fest 2019 was a huge pleasure – and finally even lead to s small feature posting on After she had not been that active the last months, she announced that we can expect more music of her in 2021. Her first major release this year is Covers Vol. 1 representing a series of cover versions she also already released on YouTube. The EP became available at 5h March 2021.


Christina Taylor – About The Artist

Christina Taylor was born in Florida, but grew up in Charlotte. She is now, of course, living in Nashville. Her first major release was the 2017 EP That Girl, which also included her first single, Don’t Look Good in Your T-Shirt Anymore. In the following years, she had two quite noted songs with American Deramin’ and Settin’ Myself on Fire. Her most successful song, however, was a song with Brett Kissel in 2019. As Good as You Look almost hit one million streams on Spotify so far. She also appeared on Kissel’s 2020 album Now or Never, where she performed at I’m Not Him, I’m Not Her. Despite there was no new song release by her in 2020, she had some half a million streams on Spotify that year.


Christina Taylor – Covers Vol. 1 – Track by Track

The EP contains three songs and lasts 9 minutes. All songs have been previously released as YouTube videos.

1. Better Now (Post Malone)

The first cover, Better Now originally by Post Malone, feels a bit too fast to me in the chorus. Apart from that, I really love to listen Christina’s energetic voice. In the slower parts of the songs, here soul-ish touch in the vocals is just catching. Of course, due to the rap original, the transformation done by Christina and her team is really amazing.

2. Sleeping On The Blacktop (Colter Wall)

Colter Wall’s Sleeping On The Blacktop is definitely my favorite song on this short EP. I feel Christina’s voice is a lovely match to the spirit of the song. The acoustic setup of the EP also fits nicely to the tunes. Cool!

3. Got What I Got (Jason Aldean)

This version is likely the recording which is closest to the original – thus it is also the hardest to add some individual character to it. I feel the spirit of Christina Taylor – even though there is still quite a lot of Jason Aldean in it. But the Carolina young lady does a really nice job here as well.


Christina Taylor – Covers Vol. 1 – Spotify

Here is the short EP on Spotify


Christina Taylor – Covers Vol. 1 – My View

I usually don’t review three song EPs. But it is a Christina Taylor one – and I was just too curious to listen to some new tunes by the lovely young lady. Unfortunately, no new stuff in here – you should rather take this EP as a gift to her followers. It is now easier to put these tracks into your playlists compared to downloading the tunes from YouTube. Christina is doing really well in these three songs, but it is more like an appetizer. Thus, the three songs just cannot reach top rankings, even though they are nicely done.


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