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Rook Road - Rook Road



4.6/5 Pros

  • Great rock sound
  • Very versatile debut album

A very interesting German band debut album: Rook Road release their first long-player on 11th November. I had a listen to their self-titled release – hope you enjoy my thoughts.


Rook Road – About The Artists

Rook Road is a rock band from Southwest Germany. The band members are Patrik Jost (vocals), Uwe Angel (guitars), Hannes Luy (hammond, keys), Sebastian Mitael (bass) and Thomas Luther (drums). The band is rather young, they have just been formed in 2020.


Rook Road – Rook Road – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 50 minutes.

1. Talk too much

Marching guitar licks from the very beginning of the album – Rook Road does not want to give us a chance just daring to think we should skip this album. Talk too much feels very familiar and reminds of big rock bands.

2. Sick to the Bone

Sick to the Bone is a great track for classic rock lovers, who enjoy some more softer moments, but thereafter feel that the guitars should go for some harder tunes as well. Very nice, melodic write.

3. Sometimes

Keyboard and violin sounds open the 5:31 minutes song Sometimes. The song is very epic, dramatic work with an outstanding storytelling. The voice of Patrik Jost feels to be a perfect fit to this song.

4. Romeo

Is there something like soft metal? Romeo gives quite some freedom to the guitars, which use it and create an intense listen. On the other hand, the overall character of the song rather lyric. And the Fly with wings, little Romeo stays in your mind – much longesr than just the 5:26 minute of playtime.

5. Paradox Master

Paradox Master is a bit of slower, but overall a very powerful and impressing listen. Again, Rook Road underline their instrumental excellence and a good touch for the leverage of the vocals and instrumentals.

6. Kinda glow

Again, Rook Road sound like a big and famous rock band. I love the way the keys are controlling the melody in here. Great work on the bass and drums side as well – these two instrument define a nice groove for Kinda Glow.

7. Deny

Deny is another fantastic listen on Rook Road. The drumming partially rather feels like a marching band song than a die-hard rocker, but this leads to a special touch. And finally, when Jost is going for the vocal section, this almost feels like an aria. Nice instrumental part in the middle song as well, which creates a showcase for the keys and the guitars.

8. Sam Rogers

Bang, bang, bang – this song about Sam Rogers is the shortest of the album (3:38 minutes), but it definitely leads a strong mark in the heart of the listener. Powerful, rocking and with a big pinch of country music. It does not always depend on the length. I enjoy this quickie.

9. Celebration/Feels like

The ninth song is another rather short one, but it is also a great showcase for the instrumental skills of the band. Nonetheless, it does not make it on my favorites – too many other ones do better.

10. Tower

The band is presenting us some really lush songs towards the end of their album. Tower is a great piece of rock’n’roll with a really nice drive.

11. Egyptian Girl

The story of the Egyptian Girl is the longest Rook Road are telling us in this publication. Rock bands do great ballads – and the Germany don’t want to be any different in here. Great love song at the end of the album.


Rook Road – Rook Road – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Rook Road – Rook Road – My View

That one was fun. Rook Road recorded fifty great minutes of rock with a bit of a nostalgic touch. I am really thankful for this review and the great listen.


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