Phavors – Petals EP

Phavors - Petals EP



3.2/5 Pros

  • Amazing title track
  • Very nice combination of talents Cons

  • The individuals feel to still need to find some leverage between them
  • DeRosa's voice too often overpowered by melodic parts

Some weeks before the release of their debut EP Petals, the Indie Folk band Phavors contacted me whether I’d like to review their first major publishing. After having a quick listening into the promo kit, I knew that I definitely would love to present their music to you. The EP will be released on 28th May 2020.


Phavors – About The Artists

Phavors are a independent folk duo from New Jersey, USA. Philip Marflak is writing the songs and typically also playing guitar. He ran into his musical partner, Kayla DeRosa, when he taught her to play the guitar. The bio in the press kit states that Phavors likes to push the boundaries of music through atmospheric textures while still incorporating the warmth of acoustic instruments. The single Petals, which is obviously also the title track of the EP, has been released in February 2020 and received very well receptions. The band is also doing all the artwork on their own.


Phavors – Petals – Track by Track

The EP includes four tracks and lasts 17 minutes.

1. Petals

Listening to the title track just brings one word to my mind: beautiful. DeRosa’s voice is so gentle, so angel-alike, so that the song creates, together with the arrangement, a lovely, gentle, a bit of fragile mood. I am sure you also feel the warmth in your heart while listening to it.

2. Waste Time

Waste Time feels very similar to Petals at the beginning, though I have to say that this magical feeling you have while listening to the title track is just not that strong. The song, however, has a very intense development, becomes a rhythmic and has very strong atmospheric sounds. This sometimes drowns out DeRosa’s voice a bit, but it’s still a cool sound, definitely.

3. Water Is Still

Water Is Still somehow starts like Waste Time finished: very atmopsheric sounds. Water Is Still is practically non-vocal, so this seems to be Marflak’s playground on this EP. You see that he is able to create beautiful moods, at least in the studio (hard to judge how well it is working out live), but I feel he should step back and go for the real asset in this combo: his songwriting and arrangement combined with the voice of his partner.

4. Home

The character of Home again reminds me of parts of Waste Time. Atmospheric sounds mixed with the vocal performances of DeRosa. Couldn’t you decrease the mixers a bit on the instrumental side, please? The passages in which you can clearly hear her voice are just fascinating, while the melodic parts feel to interfere, to distract a bit too much in my point of view.


Phavors – Petals – Spotify

I will add the Spotify link after the EP release


Phavors – Petals – My View

Petals are the first public steps of a new band – and they are promising. The title track is huge – and to be very straight, the other tracks just illustrate that the band is looking for some balance between well arranged instrumental-melodic parts and the fragile, gentle voice of DeRosa. The band has two assets, but one of them is very fragile – this means that the melodic parts just have to be a bit more defensive here and then. Give her more space and the angelic voice will make you fly more skybound on the career ladder. Love to listen to projects like Phavors, definitely!


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