Ego Kill Talent – The Dance Between Extremes

Ego Kill Talent - The Dance Between Extremes



4.5/5 Pros

  • Versatile songs
  • Very nice and entertaining lyrics

Brazilian music is much more than samba. The rock and metal scene has quite some bands which made it big on the global level. The prime guitar slashers are likely Sepultura (see their 2020 album Quadra on, but Ego Kill Talent already built quite a fanbase outside their home country. On 19th March 2021, they will release the album The Dance Between Extremes. It is just their second album so far.


Ego Kill Talent – About The Artists

Ego Kill Talent are a Brazilian rock band from Sao Paolo. The band has been found in 2014. Since then, only one member (Estevan Romera) has left the band. The current band members are Jonathan Correa, Theo van der Loo, Niper Boaventura, Raphael Miranda and Jean Dolabella. Dellabella has hammered the Sepultura drumheads for some five years in the past. So far, the Brazilians have just released one album, which was self-titled and has been released in 2017. However, there are also four Ego Kills Talent EPs (three studio, one live EP).


Ego Kill Talent – The Dance Between Extremes – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 49 minutes.

1. NOW!

I’m craving for something to fill up my time
We should be scared of the illusion of living here forever
The fantasy of future ruins the real life
Without any hints of what comes next, I lost my life
How come we never see the beauty of now, now?
How come we never care about it?

After this some one minute intro (where you rather feel you must have turned down the volume of your am, the Brazilians suddenly increase the power. I like the repeating guitar riffs and powerful drum play. Nice starter of the album.

2. The Call

The Call is a bit of a more sedated sound. Again the guitars do their jobs and repeat the chords in a catchy, but not annoying way. The chorus is very easy to get into as well. Cool track.

3. Lifeporn

I want to keep it alive
The more you see
The more I hide
Life is fun and I’m bright
Please tell me that you buy it!

Ego Kill Talent really create a smooth and easy path to get into their songs’ stories. Lifeporn in a lovely example, how the song is developing towards the chorus – which you just cannot get out of your head. Some powerful hammering guitar riffs and we got a good rock song. Lifeporn almost comes in two parts with a very slow and quiet bridge in the middle, though.

4. Deliverance

Fun fact: Like the two songs before, the word deliverance does not at all appear in lyrics of this song. The fourth track of the album lovely works with vocals in parallel at different levels. This almost leads to a choir touch.

5. Silence

In Silence, I would rather say that the verses are the more striking parts. Especially the pre-chorus is full of echo, so that you rather feel like being in a pop song. Luckily, the hard guitar sounds at the beginning of the chorus tell your neck to move your skull rhythmically.

6. In Your Dreams Tonight

In case these guys are aiming to be hired for some more festivals during the summer season, that’s a good argument to book them! Even if you had some beer already, you should have that song in heart after the second or third chorus  and the song comes with a duration of almost five minutes. That’s what you call a stadium rocker.

7. Sin and Saints

We dance with both
As we dance we learn to let it go off us and them
Of right or wrong
Will you turn around?

Sin and Saints is groovy with an Americana touch in the verses, while the chorus feels quite similar to most other songs of the album. The song is melodically one of the best ones of The Dance Between Extremes. The core of this song is definitely the middle part, though. Cool song.

8. Starving Drones (A Dinner Talk)

Starving Drones is a powerful song, which is maybe having the strongest alternative metal and even metalcore touch of all songs. However, the song has some tempo changes – so that there is likely a section of Starving Drones for any listener.

9. Our Song

Instead of banging your head to the guitar riffs, Our Song almost starts kitschy and rather makes you sway from left to right. Not that much my favorite – overall, it might have mainstream radio quality as it is rather a pop track than a rocker.

10. Diamonds and Landmines

Diamonds and Landmines has already been released on 11th May 2018, so it might be quite familiar to Ego Kill Talent fans. When I listened to it for the first time, I was rather disappointed – but the second and third listen made me dive deeper into the song -and it became one of my favorites.

11. Beautiful

Beautiful sounds like international top class rock entertainment. It has a touch of The Foo Fighters to me – at least to one of their better songs. Three enjoyable rock minutes.

12. The Reason

The Reason is a bit slower than the tracks before. Like a farewell song. Ego Kill Talent can do this kind of tunes as well. Nice finish.


Ego Kill Talent – The Dance Between Extremes – Spotify

Here is The Dance Between Extremes on Spotify:


Ego Kill Talent – The Dance Between Extremes – My View

Brazil is more than samba – and more than Sepultura. For example, Brazil is Ego Kill Talent as well. And Ego Kill Talent does a lot of fun, like samba. At least if you regard The Dance Between Extremes. Even though the songs somehow have a similar structure, but you don’t really get bored. The songs are versatile, the stories are different and entertaining. The band members do their job in an absolutely solid way. There is nothing bad I can say about these twelve songs – and a lot of good things. The whole story short: this one is a really good album. Enjoy!


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