The Tuten Brothers – Radio Plays EP

The Tuten Brothers - Radio Plays



3.3/5 Pros

  • Four pretty solid radio tracks
  • Very characteristic voices
  • Good stories Cons

  • Some songs are very close to each other
  • Quite mainstream

I ran into the music of the Tuten Brothers this year as they released quite many new songs. On 28th August 2020, they completed their cycle of four songs leading to the Radio Plays EP. Here are my thoughts about their release.


The Tuten Brothers – About The Artists

The Tuten Brothers is a modern country music duo by the two brothers Sam and Walker Tuten. They decided to move to Nashville after they graduated at the University of Georgia. After two singles releases in 2016, they released their (self-titled) debut EP in 2016. They did quite frequent publications in the meantime. Their biggest hit regarding Spotify streams is however Southern Sunrise, which has been listened to more than 400,000 times.


The Tuten Brothers – Radio Plays – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 13 minutes. All songs apart the title track have been released before the EP.

1. Radio Plays

The EP starts with the title track – a nice hommage on country music, their heroes. Very good stuff for the airplay – nice song!


2. Make Me Wanna Be

Tangled up on an old dance floor
Two names in a live oak tree
Buying roses from the grocery store
GIrl, you make me wanna be
Taking you home to meet my mom and them
Making time and making plans
I’ve never been in love like that before
But you make me wanna be

A bit slower and maybe also a bit more to listen to the track and sway to the rhythm. I prefer the title track, but Make Me Wanna Be is nice.

3. King of the World

When you’re curled up next to me
On my Chevrolet bench seat
There’s place to see and places to go
But baby you know they can’t come close
To that you and me summer night
All I want is right by my side
‘Cause when I’m riding these Tennessee backroads next to you, girl
I’m already king of the world

The tracks are very close to each other. Mainstream-made country music – but at least the voices of the brother add some special touch. I like the lyrics of King of the World most, though

4. Make a Little Life

Make a Little Life likely has the most characteristic (meaning: not that close to the other songs) melody of all songs. Thus, it is also my favorite. Nice one.


The Tuten Brothers – Radio Plays – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget for Radio Plays:


The Tuten Brothers – Radio Plays – My View

I was really curious about this EP – but finally, I have to say that at least the first three songs are too close to each other. The brother do nice radio music tracks and they have their own sound, so it is still an interesting publication. Not the kind of EP you just have to add to your collection, but definitely not too bad at all. in Atlanta

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