Thunderor – Fire It Up

Thunderor - Fire It Up



3.3/5 Pros

  • Some good songs
  • Very energetic, motivated album Cons

  • Issues on the quality side, especially vocal

Thunderor are a relatively new band from Canada. They have been founded during the pandemic. On 25th February 2022, they present their debut album, Fire It Up. I already had a listen.


Thunderor – About The Artists

Despite Thunderor is a new project, they are in fact quite well-known people in the heavy metal industry. The band is a collaboration of JJ Tartaglia and Johnny Nesta, who are members of Skull Fist, as well as Oscar Rangel, who is especially well-known as a member of Annihilator.


Thunderor – Fire It Up – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Fire It Up

The title track starts in line with the cover – with some bubbling motorcycle engines. However, this sound quickly turns into rock. The high voice of JJ Tartaglia needs some time to feel familiar and at least a couple of songs to feel cozy (if at all). The song has has a lot of potential to be fun, especially with the band being on stage one day. Especially when the backing vocals shout Fire in the chorus, you simply feel like raising your fist or the devil’s horn.

2. How We Roll

The second track is very melodic and nicely works a keyboard melodic lines. A spead of classic 1980’s rock on the Fire It Up album.

3. All or Nothing

High performance by the guitar guys: the rhythmic as well as the lead guitar do a good job at All of Nothing. At the beginning I have that “I feel sorry for the drummer” feeling, when Tartaglia needs to go for the very fast rhythms at the drum kit. Nice breaks in sections with very different melodic textures.

4. Dangerous Times

Dangerous Times is a lovely illustration for the key lack of the Fire It Up album: the song is good and works nicely between the guitars and keyboards. The vocals are just too high and some notes feel too squeezy, too imprecise. If Tartaglia needs to sing on that level of notes (deeper notes might be better), he needs to be more persuasive, more powerful.

5. Thunderor

Thunderor sings Thunderor – and by that creates one of the best listens of the album to me. The vocals suit much better to the track, you feel all the fun and passion the Canadians have for their music. Good one.

6. On the Run

On the Run is a nice rocker with good work on the rhythmic guitar – but overall, there are not too many catchy elements in this composition. One of the weak spots of the album to me.

7. Into the Storm

The seventh song acts like an interlude. The 95 second Into The Storm is a rather nice listen, which is creating some atmosphere with virtuous guitar play. It may also be just sufficient time for a pee break or grab another beer for the remaining two songs.

8. We Can Make It

I prefer We Can Make It over On The Run. However, if you would have skipped these two tracks, you might have ended up with a pretty solid EP. This one does have some fun performance, though, when performed on stage

9. Cold Tears

The closing song Cold Tears adds a very different style to the album. The five minute song starts very slowly, mainly working with vocal and keyboard sounds. This part feels a bit too long, as the guitars join in for the last two minutes only roughly. Nonetheless, a good listen.


Thunderor – Fire It Up – Spotify

Here is Fire It Up on Spotify:


Thunderor – Fire It Up – My View

I feel a bit sorry for the Canadians while listening to their debut album. There is a lot of passion in Fire It Up, you also feel it while listening. However, there are some undeniable weak spots – the most present one being on the vocal side. This turns a bunch of really good tracks into the upper average, at most. The result is an at most upper average rating.


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