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Jason Aldean - 9



3.7/5 Pros

  • A selection of good songs Cons

  • Songs are very similar

Despite it is rather the season for Christmas album and greatest hits, there were some really interesting studio album releases on 22nd November 2019. Jason Aldean put his ninth album in the rink battling for the consumer’s money under and around the Christmas tree. His album is simply called 9.


Jason Aldean – About The Artist

The 1977-born Jason Aldean, whose birth name is Jason Aldine Williams, is a living legend of the country music genre. He is recording since the age of 21, when he also moved to Nashville. While he initially struggled to find a record deal to publish music, he crushed into the US country charts once he took that milestone. His self-titled 2005 debut album already made it to the sixth place of the US country charts and sold 1.6 million units. His second album, the 2007 Relentless topped the country album business in the states already. The following albums all topped the charts or at least came very close to the leader position. He also developed a strong fan base in Canada and Australia, where his albums made significant volumes as well.

The Jason Aldean album also included his first No.1 single, Why. In 2008 and 2009, the songs She’s Country, Big Green Tractor and The Truth also made it to that position, the latter also was his first song to top the Canadian country charts. His music was that popular that Aldean also had some decent placements in the overall US Singles Charts. His Dirt Road Anthem even made it to No.7 in this ranking in 2011. Apart from that, he has a long list of won awards and nomiantions.


Jason Aldean – 9 – Track By Track

Not too surprising, is Jason Aldean’s ninth album. The 16 tracks together take 52 minutes.

1. Tattoos and Tequila

There is no discussion on 9: Aldean sets his musical claim from the very first second of the album. Honest, straight, rocking country music – you just feel like a drink and some more ink after that song. Great starter.

2. Blame It on You

Second song and I am already in love with that album. This song also has its (short) quiet and calm moments, but apart from that, Blame It On You gives you another 3:35 minutes of catching powerhouse country.

3. Champagne Town

Champagne Town feels a bit more classic, more swinging – but another great song… And to be honest, we don’t have the bubbly one too often in country lyrics:

So I’m here drinking whiskey in a champagne town
While you’re trying not to miss me
Like I’m trying not to miss you now
Blaming you by two and me by three
It’s plain to see all I’ll ever be to you
Is what I am right now
Nothing but whiskey in a champagne town

4. Some Things You Don’t Forget

Is there something like country metal? I just love the guitars in this one.

5. Got What I Got

Yes, Got What I Got does come with some guitar solo, but this is the first really soft and gentle ballad of the long-player. Short track with an abrupt ending – but I like that kind of break.

6. Keeping It Small Town

It sometimes feels that this small town theme is some sort of must-do on country albums. Come on, you guys all live in Nashville anyway, it is not that tiny…). Just kidding! The power is gently increased again in this and it is a nice listen.

7. Camouflage Hat

If the Camouflage Hat was the first track of the album, I would likely write something like “Wow, nice starter”. The more you get into Aldean’s album, the more you feel like you have heard that one before already on the disc or stream. Of course, the stories are different, but the arrangement has similarities. Still good song, definitely!

8. Came Here to Drink

Came Here To Drink and Jason Aldean – that sounds like a perfect combo for a uptempo party song. The eighth track of the album is rather slow, though. The lyrics are also not too party alike:

I just wanna sit here and listen to the jukebox
Hear that song that puts me in a good spot
No, it ain’t like this every night
Oh, but this time

Sometimes you just need these moments of being lonely with some beer or whatever.

9. We Back

We Back is also a rather slow and quiet song with some guitars. The song was already released before the album and felt like a great track to me as a single. Now, with a couple of similar tracks and being positioned in the middle of the album, it just feels a bit less special to me.

10. Dirt We Were Raised On

Here we go! Dirt We Were Raised On is not only one of the singles of the album, but also the best out of the sixteen tracks to me. Lovely one!

11. I Don’t Drink Anymore

Another really good track. I Don’t Drink Anymore also comes with a comparably characteristic arrangement in my point of view, for example with a stronger presence of the steel guitar. If you feel there can be really a country song by Jason Aldean which is postulating a departure from the consumption of alcohol – be easy and wait for the end:

Well, I don’t drink any more
And I don’t drink any less

12. Cowboy Killer

I have to admit that I strongly thought about Luke Bryan songs when I listened to the Country Killer. Very similar way to arrange a song – however, this one is rather an average one to me.

13. One for the Road

I like that track more, though it does not add too many characteristic and unique elements to 9. Just a good listen.

14. Talk About Georgia

A 2:44 minute track, which has a 1:35 minute intro before the first chorus. Almost feels like the song has two parts. Not that bad, though.

15. The Same Way

It feels a bit as if the album is slowly coming to an end. A couple of tracks, which have not been released before the album – but none is really taking a chance to lead to a wow-effect. Finally, The Same Way feels like a weaker version of a song which I listened to earlier on 9. Maybe that is just the same was of Jason Aldean music.

16. She Likes It

The album concludes with its longest track, which gives some extra due to dominating riffs. This is definitely country rock – or is it rock country? Nice get-out-of-this-album song.


Jason Aldean – 9 – Spotify

Spotify gives you some tasting of Jason Aldean’s 2019 album:

Jason Aldean – 9 – My View

Jason Aldean is just a living guarantee for powerful modern country songs. 9 is a strong album without really weak songs. It is more than solid, it is rocking, it will give you good 52 minutes… Or 104… Or 156… Or … whatever, depending how often you listen to it. There is just one reason why I it is definitely not a Top Pick rating: the songs are just too similar. Half of the tracks would feel to lead to the same album. Dare to be different from time to time, Mr Aldean!


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