Ian Fisher – Burnt Tongue

Ian Fisher - Burnt Tongue



3.5/5 Pros

  • Very interesting blending of different influences
  • Some really unique recordings Cons

  • Some other songs just don't work out well in my point of view

Ian Fisher is truly a musician who is somewhere between both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. He grew up on the US-American countryside, but is living in Europe since quite some time. Thus, he is also doing North American folk-pop, which feels rather familar for European listeners. His new album is named Burnt Tongue and has been released on 3rd February 2023.


Ian Fisher – About The Artist

The Rolling Stone magzine once called Ian Fisher’s music half Americana and half Abbey Road-worthy pop. You will find this quote about him in quite a few articles about his. He is originally from Missouri, which he left early in the 2010’s years. According to my information, he is now living in Vienna, but is also very active on the road. The album Burnt Tongue, however, has been recorded in Sicilia, Southern Italy.  It is his ninth album overall, some sixteen years after the release of his debut album Invasion.


Ian Fisher – Burnt Tongue – Track by Track

The thirteen song album lasts 41 minutes.

1. I’m Burning

The press kit of the album states that the album topics the “Fight against being meaningless”. So you likely should not expect a firework of happiness and sunshine during this listen. Based on that assumption, I’m Burning might be rather dramatic in regards of the lyrics, but it is not as depressive as this thing could be alike. So..: Let’s stay… positive 🙂

2. How Far

After the opener, How Far is the the second song which has already been shared with his fans. Especially the chorus is coming with a beautiful melody, even though I feel that the synth background is a bit too present in this song.

3. Skit 3

Skit 3 is one of three interlude tracks. The other ones are called Skit 6 and Skit 11, by the way. This melodic section is also the shortest one, less than forty seconds.

4. Achille’s Heel

After the shortest track of the album, the five minute Achille’s Heel is the most epic experience of Burnt Tongue. The very present drum computer alike rhythm makes the laid back song feel like lounge music. Nonetheless, the chorus again rather feels like Americana and folk music.

5. Fire Out of Ash

The fifth song is one of my favorites. The backing choir is very present and leads to a lot of power and energy of the song. Nonetheless, the sound of Fire Out of Ash feels surprisingly experimental.

6. Skit 6

I already teased it, it’s a Skit one. Track 6. This time, the piano interlude feels to continue a bit on the sound of Fire Out of Ash, which is slowly fading out.

7. One Way Out & No Way Back

This ditty is not only rather short (2:14 minutes), but also feels like a second interlude in a row to me. Nice main theme, strongly distorted vocals

8. Driftwood & Tires

The sound of Driftwood & Tires is rather tranquil to me. The song reminds me of Cat Stevens recordings, before the electronic backing is getting stronger. Nonetheless, this one is a good example for a song which rather feels Americana than European.

9. A Mother’s Love

The gentle ballad A Mother’s Love is one of the emotional highlights of the album. Finally, this one just does not need more than the acoustic guitar, Ian Fisher’s vocals and a bit of background effects. Nice.

10. I’ll Be There

It feels like I’ll Be There needs some time in the beginning to develop its style and rhythm. Thereafter the single release is on the one hand  characterized by a country music-style rhythm, but on the other hand also by the synth atmospheric sounds.

11. Skit 11

The third interlude track rather feels like organ sounds, which more and more turn into piano tunes.

12. If I Show I Do I Do

This song starts very light, mostly dream-ish. However, after some fifty seconds, there are more background sounds which remind me a bit of steel guitar samples. Overall, this song is a weaker one of the album to me.

13. Quiet Down Boy In Me

Quiet Down Boy In Me closes the album. The song starts hymnic, but then also works a lot with synth background. To me, it is rather distracting – at least in some parts of the song. That’s really a shame, as the underlying folk melody is a real beauty.


Ian Fisher – Burnt Tongue – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Ian Fisher – Burnt Tongue – My View

Burnt Tongue is a very interesting listen, which mixes very different influences. Sometimes, this is creating a very characteristic, nearly iconic sound. In some other tracks, I feel that working with less elements and influences would have lead to a better result. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the listen.


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