Lucinda Williams – Lu’s Jukebox Vol. 2 – Southern Soul: From Memphis To Muscle Shoals

Lucinda Williams - Lu's Jukebox Vol. 2 -Southern Soul: From Memphis To Muscle Shoals



4.1/5 Pros

  • Great selection of soul songs
  • Very good performance
  • Feels like a straight and honest production Cons

  • By concept, not that versatile

About a year ago, in April 2020, I already featured an album by Lucinda Williams. While Good Souls, Better Angels featured original songs, Williams is now facing towards her cover song project. Under the title Lu’s Jukebox Vol. 2 – Southern Soul: From Memphis To Muscle Shoals, she gathered eleven songs and interpreted them her style. The physical release date is 9th July 2021. Other Lu’s Jukebox albums are to be released during 2021


Lucinda Williams – About The Artist

I featured Lucinda Gayle Williams already quite extensively when I discussed her Good Souls, Better Angels album a year ago. Thus, I refer to this posting for more detailed bio information. The first episode of Lu’s Jukebox has been Runnin’ Down a Dream, a tribute album to Tom Petty


Lucinda Williams – Lu’s Jukebox Vol. 2 – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 45 minutes

1. Games People Play

The album starts with the Joe South song of 1969, which may of you might know from various cover versions. The second stage of the Jukebox starts really promising. A lot of country rock in the version. I nonetheless still feel a bit of the reggae vibes of the Inner Circle version, though.

2. You’ll Loose A Good Thing

I overall feel that Lucinda Williams just does such a gentle, sensefull re-interpretation of the songs. You’ll Loose A Good Thing sounds so modern, but it still has the soul and blues touch of Barbara Lynn’s original. Very nicely done.

3. Ode To Billie Joe

Lucinda touches the big songs, indeed. Bobby Gentry won a Grammy Award for the song of the year with this 1967 song. The song feels quite close to a much more modern song to me, Rehab by Amy Winehouse. Amy has been a great one, Lucinda Williams still is.

4. I Can’t Stand The Rain

After starting with three 1960’s songs, Lucinda Williams jumps forward two decade for the fourth song. Tina Turner released the original. The Lucinda Williams version even feels a bit more antique than the rock queen’s version. Reminds me of the amazing time at the Tina Turner Museum near Memphis.

5. Misty Blue

The fifth song on this album is Misty Blue, which has originally been interpreted by Dorothy Moore in 1976. A rather slow song, to which Williams is adding a lovely blending. Good sound.

6. Main Street Mission

From 1968 to 2021 – when Lucinda Williams is re-recording this classic, it feels quite energetic. Just by the original song, I cannot relate to this track as much as to others. But the cover is in fact a nice one.

7. You Don’t Miss Your Water

Otis Redding turned this song into a global hit in 1965. 56 years later, Lucinda Williams could maybe a push even more for some more soul touch, but the track is a nice listen for classic 1960’s fans as well as to nowadays Lucinda Williams supporters.

8. It Tears Me Up

One of the songs where I know the original quite well: to me, this Percy Sledge cover is one of my absolute favorites of the album. Very powerful and energetic.

9. Rainy Night In Georgia

The ninth track is rather a melancholic song. I really enjoy the listen as it comes with a lot of presence. Almost magical.

10. Take Me To The River

The second last song is quite powerful again – but it is one of the songs, which I just don’t enjoy to much as an original. Thus, Lucinda has a tough time with me here. Might be very different for you.

11. Still I Long For Your Kiss

Nice way to close the album: Lucinda Williams is covering… Lucinda Williams. Still I Long For Your Kiss has been released in 1998 – this country-soul version is an amazing listen. Makes me smile for the last 4:37 minutes of the set of recordings.


Lucinda Williams – Lu’s Jukebox Vol. 2 – Streaming

As far as I understood, you can buy the album only physical or in Lucinda Williams’ webstore.


Lucinda Williams – Lu’s Jukebox Vol. 2 – My View

I really enjoy how Lucinda Williams is doing her thing in this second episode of her Jukebox. It might not be an overwhelmingly commercial album, but it comes with a series of really good new versions of classic tracks. Really good performance by Williams! about Memphis

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