Jamestown Revival – Young Man

Jamestown Revival - Young Man



3.6/5 Pros

  • Very nice vocal performance
  • Nicely written songs Cons

  • Too monotonous

Jamestown Revival are doing a characteristic blend of Americana genres. On 14th January 2022, they released their fourth studio album, Young Man. I already had a listen to their ten new songs.


Jamestown Revival – About The Artists

Jamestown Revival is a folk and Americana rock duo from Magnolia, Texas, USA. The two members are Zach Chance (piano, vocals) and Jonathan Clay (guitar, vocals). However, they are typically nowadays joined by Ed Benrock (drums), Nick Bearden (bass), Dan Reckard (organ) and Preston Wimberly (guitar). Jamestown Revival is active since 2010. Already in February 2011, they released their debut EP, The Knives & Pipes. Especially in their first years, the project was quite successful. Their 2014 debut album Utah peaked 13th in the US Americana Charts. Two years later, The Education of a Wandering Man even made it two spots higher in the same charts. Overall, Jamestown Revival have released four EPs and three studio albums so far.


Jamestown Revival – Young Man – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 44 minutes.

1. Coyote

The press kit describes the opening song as having “lonesome tones and sly title character”. Hard to add something to these words. A song which feels like two guys singing at the fire about their recent experiences. Definitely an interesting opener.

2. Young Man

The title track has been quite successful as a single. The song feels very much like traditional, hand-made country music. Very direct, very relatable. Nice listen.

3. Moving Man

Moving Man allows itself a 30 second intro. Like in that intro, in most parts of the song, the instruments just do what is absolutely necessary to keep a rhythm and draw a melody line. The key focus is on the vocals of the two protagonists. That leads to very special feeling while listening to the song, but also to a nice vibe, which even has a bit of a blues touch.

4. Northbound

Regarding the instrumental support, Northbound even feels more reduced than its predecessor. A melodic, but also very fragile feeling song.

5. These Days

These Days is another single release. The rhythm of the song is almost sluggish, but the song is a nice blend of folk and country elements. Nice listen.

6. One Step Forward

This song gives a really nice Americana sound. Nevertheless, it is not really my favorite song of the album. Feels a bit too lengthy to me – in fact, One Step Forward is the second longest song of the album.

7. Slow it Down

Slow it Down leads to absolute opposite feelings on my side. The song comes with a very present melodies. The two guys are strumming their guitars, supported by the drums and steel sounds. The song stays in your mind and is very entertaining. One of the best tracks of the album to me – even if it undeniably has a strong pop feeling.

8. Way it Was

Way it Was is a bit of a slow starter, but then more and more turns into a punchy ditty. Nice steel guitar melodic lines in the background.

9. Old Man Looking Back

The ninth track is another really nicely written, atmospheric song. But I am looking for more aspects of Jamestown Revival’s music. The song is too slow, too ordinary in relation to the other tracks of the album. After having listened to eight songs of Young Man before, it gives a bit of a boring touch.

10. Working on Love

The album finishes with another rather slow song. Again, not a too bad song, but also no surprise, no special sound in this tenth song.


Jamestown Revival – Young Man – Spotify

Here is Young Man on Spotify:


Jamestown Revival – Young Man – My View

Hmm, I would love to rate it better – there is so much talent and beauty in Young Man. Finally, this is a a typical “Good songs only don’t make a good album thing”. There is too much similarity in the songs. I would love to have more energy, more surprises, more differences. This album will give you some really nice individual tunes for your playlist, but might not make it all-in with the ten songs.


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