Thabile – Look At The Sky EP

Thabile - Look At The Sky



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very wide range of songs and genres
  • Very good voice

The press kit said that Thabile’s music is having “a wide bandwidth, which is merging elements of jazz, soul, gospel, pop and R’n’B”. Typical self-marketing of the artist or really a great and unique memorable sound? I just had to give Look At The Sky a try. The five songs are Thabile’s debut EP, which will be available from 29th October 2021.


Thabile – About The Artist

Thabile’s debut album, which has been released in 2018, is called Dlamini Echo. The title of this eight song compilation already tells about the background of the artist: she was born and raised in South Africa, Dlamini is a township of Soweto. After school, however, she left South Africa and studied business abroad. She is nowadays based in Stuttgart in Southern Germany.


Thabile – Look At The Sky – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 17 minutes.

1. Play It Back

Play It Back is the only song, which has been released as a single. A song, which is is a beautiful piano ballad. Good listen, good lyrics – good beginning of Look At The Sky.

When I am worn and torn,
you`re my rock.
My rock, when I can stand no more

2. Nobody Knows

After this quiet and slow start, Nobody Knows is a very different style of song. You feel very nice, rural rhythms – the track is to me a beautiful blend of Afro-pop styles, but also soul elements. A song, which is driven from its rhythm, but developing a very nice, uniquely feeling spirit.

3. Say Something

The third track has quite a jazz character, but the clapping rhythm in the background is easing the sound significantly. I struggle with the backing organ sound, though. As it is permanently altering the volume, it is too much distracting me from the lyrics, which are about fading love. A lot of potential in this song, but I can’t really deal with the arrangement.

4. Pick Up Hang Up

I always feel that emerging artists should showcase their talent in their initial publications. Thabile definitely does that. The songs are so different and feature so many different genres and aspects of music. Pick Up Hang Up, for example, is a soul-pop song with a very present rhythm. The song creates a very catching groove. Cool.

5. Look At The Sky

Last, but not least, there is the title track of the song, which is closing this EP already. A song, which feels very much like R’n’B and pop, but which is also having a strong focus on the vocals. Very repetitive, almost like a mantra.


Thabile – Look At The Sky – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to the EP:


Thabile – Look At The Sky – My View

Thabile creates a really cool sound. I absolutely enjoy her debut album and she should definitely Look At The Sky. She is not on top yet, though. She has a wide talent and illustrates it with these five songs, but there might have to be a need foe a bit of consolidation. Look At The Sky makes the South African feel to be a very promising artist. Hope that the EP is a successful step for even more music from her.



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