Sekou – Out of Mind EP

Sekou - Out of Mind



3.9/5 Pros

  • Amazing voice
  • Nice range of songs

Contemporary R&B with a nice pop touch – that’s about the music made by Sekou. I ran into the music of the young artist recently. With Out of Mind, he released his debut EP on 30th June 2023. A good opportunity to have a deeper listen.


Sekou – About The Artist

Sekou is an 18 year old artist from Ashby in the United Kingdom. So far far, he released two singles, Forgiving Myself and Better Man. Unfortunately, I don’t have too much bio information about him on top of that.


Sekou – Out of Mind – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 14 minutes.

1. Forgiving Myself

The opening song is very rhythmic and comes spreads its strong vibes from the very beginning. Sekou’s dark voice simply stays in your mind, even though some parts of the song feel a bit lengthy.

2. Better Man

Better Man is nothing but a blast. The piano and the voice of the young British artist work together in an amazing way. A very intense, soulful ballad, which also has a gospel touch. It is even better when the background choir is appearing.

3. Be With You

The five songs of the EP have very different characters. Be With You has a nice flow. On the one hand, the verses have a touch of hip hop. But then, the chorus has that strong R&B touch, and even has a bit of a jazz track to me.

4. You And I

You And I is more floating, more harmonic than its predecessor. However, it is another really nice and harmonic listen. Good percussion work in here, which leads to a touch of an exotic sound. Good one.

5. Too Young

If you are looking for a straight, melancholic piano ballad, you should go for this song. In Too Young, Sekou again demonstrates his vocal talent. Great work by the British artist.


Sekou – Out of Mind – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Sekou – Out of Mind – My View

Out of Mind might not be a straight mainstream release. However, I simply enjoyed the five songs. It is giving a nice first flavor of an young artist. The songs are really beautiful, his voice is the jewel of the EP, of course. Hope to have more song from him soon.


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