Alena Neubert – A Life That’s Good

Alena Neubert - A Life That's Good



3.5/5 Pros

  • Good vocal / musical qualit
  • Nice range of country music Cons

  • Only "Nashville" covers
  • Some interpretations are not close to the original

A German artist presenting modern country songs – even though A Life That’s Good is a cover album, I felt that Alena Neubert’s release should be featured on The album has been released on 12th November 2021.


Alena Neubert – About The Artist

Alena Neubert is a German singer and actor, who is majorly known as a musical actor. She was born on 25th December 1995 in Gießen and is also working as a theater producer. She released her debut album in 2018, Where The Neon Lights Grow is a collection of musical songs. A Life That’s Good is already her second album in 2021 as she released All The Way in February 2021.


Alena Neubert – A Life That’s Good – Track by Track

The thirteens song album lasts 42 minutes. What was not clearly stated in the press kit is that all songs are taken from the Nashville TV series.

1. Telescope

The album starts with a cover of Telescope. A straight, rocking performance. Quite a one-to-one copy – but Hayden Panettiere’s voice just got that very special touch.

2. A Life That’s Good

Alena Neubert does a beautiful, very emotional version of the song, which is nice to listen. Again, there is not that much character added to this song – but I guess that is rather not the intention of the album anyway.

3. Love Like Mine

Hayden Penettiere again – and the thoughts are similar: Alena Neubert does a good job. Would love to see her interpretations on stage one day. But the original artist is just a bit more genius, more characteristic.

4. Fade Into You

The fourth song dares into a duet originally performed by Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio. I unfortunately could not find out who is taking over the Palladio role in this recording – overall, an enjoyable recording again.

5. Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet

After rather gentle songs at the beginning, Alena Neubert is going for a Nashville country rocker – Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet works perfectly with her voice and is definitely one of my favorites on the album. Well done.

6. I Ain’t Leaving Without Your Love

A classic of the TV series. I honestly enjoyed Neubert much more on the rocking side, but she is doing not too bad in this one as well. Definitely catching up with the nice hook of the original.

7. This Town

A very gentle and fragile song – the dramatic touch This Town feels to be perfect for a singer with acting background like Alena Neubert. Good listen.

8. Sanctuary

The album stays at the ballad-esque kind of songs. Sanctuary is not bad, but having three (great) voices in the original just leads to a much wider, more catching sound.

9. Wrong Song

I stay with the thoughts I gave before: this setup work best when the guitar chords are on the heavier side – Alena Neubert is a great country rock voice. This first season Nashville song works well with the German artist as well.

10. Trouble Is

The guitars are howling, I am happy – even though this is one of my favorite Nashville songs, I also enjoy the new version. Thumbs up.

11. Undermine

The credits show Kacey Musgraves in here – but Undermine is of course taken from her Nashville appearances as well. I feel that the cover is not working that well as others on the album, unfortunately.

12. When The Right One Comes Along

Another Palladio-Bowen original. This time the collaboration with her co-singer works better than in the other duet, I feel. Good listen.

13. Looking For A Place To Shine

Alena Neubert marked these finale two minutes as a bonus track. It is a nice touch on the Clare Bowen original. Good finish.


Alena Neubert – A Life That’s Good – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Alena Neubert – A Life That’s Good – My View

The review might sound very critical, but overall, I am thankful for albums like A Life That’s Good. They bring country music into Germany and show people that it is a much wider-range genre than just the traditional sounds. Alena Neubert records the tracks with a really nice quality. I would have loved her to leave the range of Nashville songs, though – this makes the album feel a bit of cheaper than it actually is.


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