Songs Of The Week (week of 04 August 2023)

After some rather intense week of traveling, I feel rather happy to spend the next two weekends in and around Cologne. There is a Cologne artist in my list of new releases as of this week as well. However, I enjoy that there is a quite a nice range of different genres and sounds in my Songs of the Week this time again. Enjoy!


Martin Stoemmer – Die Welt steht Kopf

The song which stayed in my mind best is this schlagerpop song by German artist Martin Stoemmer. Martin is from Bavaria and started in rock music, before he moved towards this genre. Very present, good love song (“The world stands upside down”).


Alex Diehl – Zündet alle Feuer

I am already preparing to review Alex Diehl’s album Das ist keine Übung, which will be released in October. Zündet alle Feuer (“Light all fires”) is the first single release. Very nice, powerful by the 1987 artist from Traunstein. There will also be a tour in early 2024.


Stephen Sanchez – Be More

The third song of my list of new releases features Stephen Sanchez, an artist from Sacramento, USABe More feels a traditional, but comes with a beautiful, gentle touch.


Phil Young – A Side of You

A Side of You is a lovely piece of singer-songwriter pop. The artist, Phil Young, is from Cologne. Nice summer vibes in this song as well.


Kapelle Petra – Freibad Pommes

Shall I take it or not? Finally, it was too tempting to share Freibad Pommes by the Kapelle Petra from Hamm in the West of Germany with you. The song title translates to Open air pool French fries and indeed describes the scenery of a summer. Lovely praise of the sunny season.


Redstones – Fire

The Redstones are a rock band from France. However, they are from the Alsace region, where people also have German as a natural tongue. The song is a lovely straight rockers. I feel that this one could be even much better when the band is presenting the song on stage.


Seraina Telli – Spaceman

Seraina Telli is a Swiss rock musician. Her solo debut album Simple talk climbed up to the second spot in the Swiss charts. In case you feel that the song is very familiar to you: the song is a cover and has originally been performed by the 4 Non Blondes. Additionally, Seraina has previously been the lead singer of Burning Witches – so you might know her voice.


Twisted Rose – Greed4Speed

Twisted Rose are a hard rock band from Würzburg in Northern Bavaria, Germany. Especially the catching voice by lead singer Caro and the powerful riffs turn Greed4Speed into a great listen.


Off Lights – Man Or Machine

There are comparably few Berlin acts in the list of songs this time. However, Off Lights are rock band from the German capital. Man Or Machine is a great, very modern and atmospheric song. A treat for rock music lovers.


Giant Rooks – Somebody Like You

With the Giant Rocks, another German band on my list this week, I slowly move back from rock music to pop songs. I really loved this modern, very melodic composition. Somebody Like You is a breautiful listen.


James Blunt – Beside You

British singer-songwriter James Blunt is likely the most famous artist in my list of new releases this week. Beside You intends to warm you up for Who We Used To Be. Blunt’s new album is expected to be published on 27th October 2023. Quite a lot of things to look forward to for James Blunt fans: the press information does not only promise a UK and European tour, but also a James Blunt book and a movie. Wow.



I wonder if LANY know that lány in Hungarian means girl. The US pop rock duo rather felt to have an acronym band name (Los Angeles / New York. After having gained some popularity in the United Kingdom and their home country, the project’s fifth studio album will be released at the end of September. XXL sounds like a good teaser for I Really Really Hope So. 


Dylan x Bastille – Liar Liar

This one is a very interesting collaboration between Dylan and Bastille’s lead singer Dan. Nicely pumping rhythm in this pop track.


Juan Daniel x Irene Gomez – Buenos Aires

Even though Juan Daniel is located in Germany, he is typically singing in his second mother tongue, in Spanish. A lovely Latin pop track, which adds beautiful vibes to your playlist. I love it.


Mae Stephens & Meghan Trainor – Mr Right

This British-US-American collaboration is another track with great chart potential. Nice modern pop track with some good vibes.


Davina Michelle – Dating The Devil

This release by the Dutch artist Davina Michelle is one of my favorite ones this week. A catchy melody, a good voice, nice vibes and energy. Made to move to the groove.


Wolfgang Petry x DJ Nik-O-Laus – Nikolaus trägt Badehose

What the heck is that? The song feels like a beach song and also spreads Christmas vibes (Nikolaus is roughly one of the German traditional equivalents of Santa Claus). You might not take this Wolfgang Petry too seriously. Simply enjoy and have fun.


Voxxclub – Wir leben heut

Voxxclub are doing a very modern (and popular) interpretation of traditional German folk music. The band is international – the band are coming from all three major German speaking countries, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. If there wasn’t Weird Al Yankovic, an accordion never sounded as jiggy as at this vocal quintet.


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