The L.A. Maybe – Dirty Damn Tricks

The L.A. Maybe - Dirty Damn Tricks



4.1/5 Pros

  • Straight 1980's style hard rock with the spirit of AC/DC
  • Very entertaining ten songs

As frequent readers of might now, I do keep a certain mental distance to press releases and press kits. The press kit of this album stated LAM firmly plants its feet at the very forefront of the New Wave of Classic Rock movement and you’re sure to have at least one of their choruses stuck in your head at any given moment.. LAM is the abbreviation for the L.A. Maybe and their 26 March 2021 debut album is called Dirt Damn Tricks. After a few chords, I already felt I have to share their music with you. These guys rock!


The L.A. Maybe – About The Artists

The L.A. maybe is a six member band from the Carolinas, USA. The most prominent member is likely lead vocalist Alvi Robinson, who has been in the casting for a replacement of Brian Johnson at AC/DC. The band debuted with a EP in 2019, but then felt to have some line-up changes.


The L.A. Maybe – Dirty Damn Tricks – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 42 minutes.

1. Mr. Danger

Is that AC/DC? The opener danger undoubtedly comes with the vibe of the Young family from Down Under. Especially Robinson on the vocal side feels to be the perfect vocal match. The chorus is a lovely, melodic piece of music.

I’ll take everything
You give to me
Pull you closer
Keep you by my side
Take everything
Give in to me
Pull me closer
I see the fire in your eyes

2. Sucker Punch

The US rockers play it safe and start the album with two single releases. Sucker Punch is moving away from the AC/DC references and rather reminds me of 1980’s hard. Nice uptempo hammering of guitar riffs.

3. Oh Sugar

At Oh Sugar, the bass vibes become more present again – it is up to you if you rather feel like Angus Young’s duckwalk or bang your head to the song. The L.A. Maybe definite rock, no matter how you finally praise their chords.

4. She’s Reckless

She’s Reckless starts with its main riff – and together with its strong rhythm, the song feels to be marching on and on. Cool song, indeed.

5. Peace of Mind

With Peace of Mind, the album adds some more emotional moments for the first time. In fact, it is only the verses, which attract the romantic rocker. These guys just feel like hard to tame mustangs on the guitar – once there is the chorus, they push and rock harder.

6. When I’m Gone

With When I’m Gone, we finally hold our beloved ones very closely. The power ballad spreads a touch of the big ballads of Guns’n’Roses. The song is not too much about love, though.

Will you remember
Me When I’m gone?
Will you raise your voice
and sing my song?

We even have a piano part in here. Beautiful one.

7. Take Me Away

I talked about the mustangs – after these (almost) six minutes of romance, the picks run over the strings more quickly again. Take Me Away especially comes with a nice, old-style guitar solo. The song has a lot of power, nice one!

8. Sweet

Sweet is finest stadium rock, which allows you to quickly get into the song – and song along with the band. I had a good vibe already before listening to these tunes – but Sweet really turns me on even more.

9. Fake

You’re just a fake – the song however is quite straight, handmade rock. The ninth track comes with a quick rhythm, which is driving the song, especially in the verses. The chorus is a bit more hymn-alike.

10. Up Next To You

The band farewells with Up Next To You, which is a straight handmade rocker with screaming voices and powerful guitars again. That’s the way to finish in style.


The L.A. Maybe – Dirty Damn Tricks – Spotify

Here are Dirty Damn Tricks on Spotify:


The L.A. Maybe – Dirty Damn Tricks – My View

A screaming voice, powerful riffs, bold lyrics – that’s classic rock. If you loved the long haired guys of the 1970’s and 1980’s, you should definitely dare a listen to Dirty Damn Tricks. The album comes with a high potential for you that you will enjoy these tunes. I definitely had a lot of fun!


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