Lyn Lapid – The Outsider EP

Lyn Lapid - The Outsider



4.2/5 Pros

  • Nice, versatile song collection
  • Eight tracks
  • Good songwriting

Almost half a million followers on Instagram at the time you are releasing your debut EP – that’s quite an impressive stat for the US singer-songwriter Lyn Lapid, ain’t it? The EP is called The Outsider and Lyn has – obviously – made it big on social media before. Especially on TikTok, people love what she is doing. Let’s see what I feel about it. Release date has been 15th April 2022.


Lyn Lapid – About The Artist

Lyn Lapid, full name Katelyn Lapid is a US-American singer-songwriter. She was born on 24th October 2001. The Baltimore, MD, native, started to release cover videos on YouTube in 2018, where she has about 900k subscribers nowadays. Posting original songs on TikTok since 2020 boosted her popularity again. She studied classical piano and has also experience as a violinist. The Outsider is her debut EP.


Lyn Lapid – The Outsider – Track by Track

The eight song EP lasts 23 minutes.

1. Pager

Pager has been the last single release, right before this EP. A comparably mature pop song, even though it does not lack the teenage pop touch of the other tracks as well. Very good listen – doesn’t Lyn Lapid remind you as well a bit of Taylor Swift when she states Sent it to my pager?

2. How Did I Ever

The second track on the EP has a lovely groove, feels like R&B and soul. I love listening to her voice, which feels very high and a bit of fragile – but still also very powerful and determined. Great!

3. Comatose

The only thing which makes me feel bad about Comatose is that it is just 2:19 minutes long. Pop music becomes shorter and shorter. A hymnic track with a lovely atmosphere. Good listen.

4. Off Day

Off Day is a slow track, which works with a lot of atmospheric elements. The 3:48 minute song is the longest of The Outisder. Indeed, a beauty.

5. I Guess That Was Goodbye

The fifth track is another single pre-release from the EP. Another very personal touch song. The chorus surprises with some orchestral-alike arrangement. Nicely done.

6. My Little Island

My Little Island is the last track on the EP, which Lyn Lapid fans don’t already know. Very reduced arrangement, more or less just piano sounds and the artist’s voice. One of the most remarkable moments of this publication.

7. In My Mind

This song has become another huge step in Lyn Lapid’s career. At the time of writing, it has been streamed almost 60 million times on Spotify only. The song is a nice R&B pop track. Beautiful groove, good listen.

8. The Outsider

The EP closes with the title track, which is one of the most catching tunes on this release. Lovely chorus, good lyrics – a nice finale.


Lyn Lapid – The Outsider – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Lyn Lapid – The Outsider – My View

The Outsider is really an good eight song compilation. I am sure it will help to make Lyn Lapid more famous outside the social media scene. Nice variety of songs, definitely making you feel that you want to hear more of this young lady.


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