Brokof – Blind Spot On The Bright Side Of Life

Brokof - Blind Spot On The Bright Side Of Life



4.1/5 Pros

  • Folk-rock with a characteristic sound
  • Nice range of songs

The German band Brokof is active since 2007. They established in the German music scene and already released five studio albums. On 15th March 2024, they added the sixth one to their discography. Here is my review of Blind Spot On The Bright Side of Life.


Brokof – About The Artist

Brokof are a folk rock band, based in Berlin. Apart from drummer Puya Shoary, who replaced Christian Kohler in 2012, the band is playing in its original lineup. The band name relates to singer and guitarist Fabian Brokof. The two other band members are bassist Rocco Weise and keyboard player and guitarist Arne Bergner. Their most recent album release, Fore!, though dates back to October 2018. With that album, Brokof also toured across Europe.


Brokof – Blind Spot On The Bright Side Of Life – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 48 minutes.

1. When I Leave

When I Leave opens the album with some vibes, which you might also find on a country music album. One key feature of this song is definitely its lovely flow and the marching rhythm. Nice song, which also sets a very strong and characteristic mood.

2. Only A Song

I have been waitingI’ve been waiting for so longNow I thought maybe I try and reach out for you with a songI’ve been wonderingOn and on and on‘Bout what happened and whereHave you gone?

The first song of the album, which has been shared with the public is a lovely folk rock song. Only A Song is a very catching and comes with some rather traditional folk and rock vibes. It definitely stays in your mind.

3. High On You

With 4.32 minutes, High On You is one of the longest songs of the album. The song is driven by very rhythmic drumming and atmospheric guitars. Thereby, it rather comes with an indie-touch.

4. Blind Spot On The Bright Side Of Life

There are quite some country music vibes in this album as well. The title track, which is the fourth one of the album has some of them as well, especially in the intro part. However, the track moves rather towards indie-folk thereafter. The song very rhythmic and works with a nicely galloping rhythm in the background.

5. Time & Space

Rocco Weise kicks off Time & Space with a groovy bass theme. The song initially continues with that laid back touch, but then also adds some melodic, rather melancholic episodes as well. One of the most virtuous songs of the album, which is again coming with a chorus which stays in your mind.

6. Running To You My Love

Similar to its predecessor, Running To You My Love is slowly building up a dramatic plot. Still, rather quiet and thoughtful moments dominate the song, which is rather driven by the guitars this time. The vibe of the song has even a slight touch of jazz to me.

7. Not At All

Brokof fans might not get too many new tunes during the next four songs. They have already been released as “appetizers” to the album. Not At All is a nice indie-rocker with a rather calm spirit. Some synth lines add a special touch to the listen, though.

8. Share

Louder, harder… and longer – Share is raising the energy level of Blind Spot On The Bright Side Of Life. The song has a nice change of rather rousing parts and slow-downs. Thus, despite a total duration of 6:24 minutes, the song does not get boring at all.

9. Postcard Of Rome

The guitars are gently strummed and howl to the ballad-alike Postcard Of Rome. Another key element of the song is the contrast of rather dark and high vocals.

10. The Load

The final listen out of this quartet of single releases is The Load. The rhythmic song adds a nice touch of rock, but also has a nice groove. In the chorus, the energy of the song raises to one of the top levels of the album.

Say isn’t it so?That this is a loadOut of control

11. Susanne

In the eleventh track Susanne, the folk background of Brokof becomes more evident and present again. The song is a really nice listen which is having a nice guitar theme as well. Good listen.

12. Invisible

While the first part of Invincible have a repetitive touch, the song is adding more complexity in later parts. Thus, the chucker-out with the present rhythm does definitely leave a mark. Nice.


Brokof – Blind Spot On The Bright Side Of Life – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Brokof – Blind Spot On The Bright Side Of Life – My View

I really like that Brokof defines a sound and keeps it over the twelve songs. Nonetless, their 2024 album Blind Spot On The Bright Side Of Life is not getting monotonous or boring. A really nice listen.

Favorite Song: High on You


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