H.E.A.T. – Force Majeure

H.E.A.T. - Force Majeure



4.6/5 Pros

  • Just a versatile and fun listen
  • Good, easy songs

Hard rock with a touch of glam metal: the Swedish band H.E.A.T. is rocking our souls since 2007. On 5th August, they are releasing their seventh studio album overall, Force Majeure. I already had a listen. Here is my review.


H.E.A.T. – About The Artist

H.E.A.T. has been founded in Upplands Väsby in the very North of Greater Stockholm. In fact, the band is the product of the merger of two bands, Dream and Trading Fate. Currently, the band consists of five band members. Kenny Leckremo is the lead singer and guitarist of the band, Dave Dalona is a second guitar player. Jimmy Jay plays the bass, Jona Tee is the keyboard player and Don Crash the drummer of the band. All members are founding members of H.E.A.T, Dalone (2013-2016) and Leckremo (2010-2020) took a hiatus from the band, though. The key success period of the band was in the 2010’s, when Erik Grönwall was the lead singer of the band.


H.E.A.T. – Force Majeure – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 42 minutes.

1. Back To The Rhythm

At the time I write this review, in early July 2022, H.E.A.T. has so far released two singles taken from Force Majeure. The opener Back To The Rhythm is one of them. That’s just how you like arena rock like to be: a stomping, rhythm which makes you move, a catching chorus. Already the pre-chorus is a lot of fun to listen. This time we have to deliver – and the first song of the album is definitely a prime product.

2. Nationwide

For Nationwide, Don Crash definitely needs to work harder than at the opener. H.E.A.T. are pushing the imaginary speed controller forward. A great speed metal track which again has a lot of stadium potential. Bad luck that there is just one tour date in Germany (in Hamburg, 3rd September 2022) so far.

3. Tainted Blood

The third song slows the album back down to mid-tempo range. However, the band does not stop the powerful, stomping rhythm, the heavy bass groove – the song feels to be moving forward in an unstoppable manner. Tainted Blood, can’t you see there’s a force inside of me? – Yeah, indeed, this track is pushing with full force right inside the heart of the hard rock lovers.

4. Hollywood

The second single release of the album takes us from Scandinavia to Hollywood. The song starts with a energetic guitar part – and these strings drive the fourth song together with Leckremo’s voice. The lead singer is having an excellence leverage between the ease of the pop song and the hard rock identity of the band and the song. I simply love the listen.

5. Harder To Breathe

H.E.A.T. has invited the listener into their world of glam rock and hard riffs – and it is just too good there. The pre-chorus almost reminds me of 1980’s pop songs, before the Swedish guys take me back to the country of rock. It’s simply fun to listen to H:E.A.T. and songs like Harder To Breathe.

6. Not For Sale

The very middle song of the album is named Not For Sale. Again, the bad takes the first 25 seconds of the 3:37 minute song to warm up the listener with smashing chords. The remaining song? Made to sing along. Yeah, the lyrics might not be overwhelmingly deep, but this album is made to be fun, for sure.

We’re on the way
From yesterday
We are not for sale
And it doesn’t matter
If you fall out of line
No, we are not to blame
And we are not for sale.

7. One Of Us

Every good hard rock album needs a ballad. One Of Us starts with some keyboard chords, before it gains more power. Very melodic song, which also has a very nice guitar solo in the middle. Nice listen, even though I like to party with the Scandinavians even more.

8. Hold Your Fire

Party? Rock? The guitar riffs are getting harder at Hold Your Fire. The song is a really good rocker, which strongly reminds me of 1980’s tracks. Nice melody and a good bass groove.

9. Paramount

Paramount leads to almost symphonic metal sounds on the album. The track almost feels majestic to me. A very nice addition to the bouquet of songs in the album.

10. Demon Eyes

You haven’t been rocked hard enough yet? H.E.A.T. definitely believes to give you a hard and fast 3:37 minutes on the second last position. Demon Eyes is one of the full power tracks on the album – they simply work well. Lovely listen.

11. Wings Of An Aeroplane

The title of the closing song is definitely attracting my attention. The song is a brave rocker, which stays in your mind – so they guys definitely do a good job here again. Nice finale of the album.


H.E.A.T. – Force Majeure – Spotify

Here is Force Majeure on Spotify:


H.E.A.T. – Force Majeure – My View

There is a red line, a common spirit in Force Majeure. Nonetheless, it is not simply one similar glam track after another, but a really nice and entertaining set of tracks. And the main thing: listening to H.E.A.T. in 2022 is a lot of fun. These guys definitely that you raise your fist showing them the devil horns. Tack sa mycket! Top Pick!


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