Jack McBannon – Tennessee

Jack McBannon - Tennessee



4.9/5 Pros

  • Great range of songs
  • Very impressing vocal performance
  • Good storytelling

Three years ago, I introduced you to the album True Stories by Jack McBannon. Despite his artist name, the country and country rock musician is a German artist. On 24th May 2024 is releasing a new album. Tennessee. The album has been recorded in the Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee, produced by Johnny Cash’s son John Carter Cash. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? I had a listen.


Jack McBannon – About The Artist

Jack McBannon, whose civil name is Thorsten Willer, was born on 4th December 1981 in Haan near Dusseldorf. Nowadays, he is based in Wuppertal. McBannon releases songs and albums as Willer and as Jack McBannon. True Stories has been the only Jack McBannon album so far. However, there have been numerous single releases beforehand. On top of that, there have been five Willer albums, the last one being Zeitlos and Solo Acoustic, both released in 2017.


Jack McBannon – Tennessee – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 44 minutes.

1. Back Then

Back Then is opening the album. The first thing which is leaving a mark while listening is McBannon’s warm, raspy voice, which leads to a intense feeling from the very beginning. The song starts slowly, but then incorporates more rocking elements. Nonetheless, the fine groove of the blues stays present. Nice one.

2. Can You Hear Me

While Back Then is a rather slow track, Can You Hear Me is more present at the beginning. Again, the very intense vocal performance is a key element. The almost angry chorus, which asks Can you hear me now definitely stays in your mind.

3. Tennessee

The title track is the third one on Tennessee. The song reflects about having dreams on the one side, but these require breaking out of the boundaries you set by yourself. This leads to the last line of the chorus, I go all the way to Tennessee. A rather calm song, which is, however, very intense and comes with excellent storytelling.

4. The Only Rule (feat. John Carter Cash)

For this song, John Carter Cash himself is joining the German artist. Especially having the son of the famous music legend as a decent background vocalist leads to a very special touch. The tootling guitar acoustic guitar thereby creates a calm Americana mood.

5. A Sinner’s Sin

A stomping rhythm and bassy string work lead to a rather dark atmosphere in A Sinner’s Sin. The five minute song is thereby another energetic and angry listen on the album. However, Jack McBannon also allows the user resting here and there in more quiet moments. Nonetheless, the more rocking elements are in focus in this one.

6. Home

The second single release on the album is Home. The song is a beautiful ballad with key phrases like I miss you tonight, I miss holding you tight. Especially during the impressing chorus, McBannon’s vocals simply feel like the perfect fit for this type of song.

7. Not Alone

After this emotional highlight, Jack McBannon adds another heartwarming moment right thereafter. The ballad Not Alone is indeed another beauty. His voice is spreading a lot of gentleness, the violins in the background definitely upgrade the emotional touch. The song is close to a must-add to your romantic playlists.

8. Turn Around

Turn Around is driven by rhythmic drumming and harmonica sounds. This leads to a very gentle pop music feeling. The bass is adding a nice groove. The melodic track is definitely another really special one.

9. In Us I Believe

With 4:54 minutes, the ninth song In Us I Believe is another longer listen. This time, the piano is the leading instrument. The song is a beautiful ballad with howling guitars and a lot of fine feelings. This one is also having a stronger groove, which is touching additionally.

10. Dry County

With organ sounds, guitars in the backgrounds and the characteristic voice of the artist, the 3:21 minutes of Dry Country are another really intense listen. If you like blues rockers, this one will be a treat for you, definitely.

11. As Simple As That

Are we there already? As Simple As That, the longest song of the album, is closing the album. The song starts with strumming guitar and some nice percussion work. Again, listening to Jack McBannon and his story is very intense. A beautiful farewell from Tennessee.


Jack McBannon – Tennessee – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Jack McBannon – Tennessee – My View

Wow, I am blown away by these songs. Jack McBannon impressively uses his key asset, his voice, and showcases it in very different kinds and atmospheres. This leads to a very entertaining and versatile album between rock, country, and blues, even though the songs as such do all have their own character. Thumbs up, this is a great one.

Favorite Song: Not alone


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