No Snakes In Heaven – Dancer EP

No Snakes In Heaven - Dancer



4.2/5 Pros

  • Nice range of tracks
  • Nice wide range of Americana interpretations

The website of the German band No Snakes In Heaven names their style Alternative Singer-Songwriter Music. I felt that their style is spreading a nice Americana feeling – but regardless how you finally describe their music, I simply enjoyed their new EP Dancer, which has been released on 17th December 2021. Time to share my thoughts with you.


No Snakes In Heaven – About The Artists

The band is a trio based in Altenmarkt an der Alz, a 5,000 people town in the Traunstein county, quite in the middle between Munich, Germany, and Salzburg, Austria. The three band members are Michaela Micha Voigt (guitar, ukulele, percussion, vocals), Melanie Kraus (cello) and Matthias Haupt (guitars, vocals). On the album, they work with some additional guest musicians. The history of the band goes back to 2000, when Voigt released her solo debut album, but then upgraded her sound with the two musical colleagues. So far, they have released three albums, Underwater (2007), Going Home (2013) and Blue Sky (2018).

No Snakes In Heaven – Dancer – Track by Track

The seven track EP lasts 29 minutes.

1. Turn Your Music On

The opening track of the album has been written in context of the Covid-19 pandemy. Don’t forget to turn the music on is the key phrase of the song, which is a rock track with a light Americana flavor. The cello is giving a nice, warm background. Really enjoyable song.

2. My Moderne

My Moderne has a much stronger folk touch. Overall, the song is significantly slower. Matthias Haupt is the key singer of the track, which is having a nice, dreaming atmosphere. Nice work with very intense use of the band’s instrument as well.

3. Prisoner

The third song of the EP, Prisoner, comes with a rather dramatic scenery. You almost feel like you have to jump from your seat and help Haupt when he is stating I am a prisoner behind these walls – help me out! The song also has its very emotional, fragile moment. Overall, a really great composition, which supports beautiful lyrics with powerful melodic expressions.

4. Into Fog

Into Fog reminds me of My Moderne. A very intimate, emotional song, which does not use power to send out its message. Lovely work on the cello in here.

5. On The Sea

On The Sea feels a bit like a snippet – which all other tracks exceed a duration of four minutes, this small instrumental interlude just lasts 1:26 minute. Nice work on the instruments and a brief way to tell on the story of the EP, but as an individual track, I would likely go for the skip button.

6. The Crazy Hatmaker

Let’s meet the crazy hatmaker
And see what he can do for you
Let’s meet the crazy hatmaker
He sets up new rules just for you.

This song (vocally performed by Voigt again) is the core song of the EP to me. Almost five minutes long, it simply catches you and works well on the vocal as well as on the melodic side. Great work with the strings as well. Love it.

7. Angels Ride Clouds

The seventh song, Angels Ride Clouds, sets up the wonderful farewell from the Dancer EP. The song plays with melodic and vocal elements in a beautiful ease. Thereby, it still feels like a song which has a good potential for mainstream radio airplay. Lovely.


No Snakes In Heaven – Dancer – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


No Snakes In Heaven – Dancer – My View

The Bavarian trio really created a lovely set of six songs and the interlude – I absolute love how they do their very own way of interpreting Americana elements. Their music is rarely loud, but always present – and even “just” being a trio, they create a beautiful range of songs and sounds. Very good one! in Munich

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