Pete Wolf Band – Crosswalk To Nowhere EP

Pete Wolf Band - Crosswalk To Nowhere



4.5/5 Pros

  • Very nice range of songs
  • A very different Wolfgang Petry sound (again)

German schlager icon Wolfgang Petry is back with a new EP. After a “real” Wolfgang Petry album release, Auf das Leben, in 2021. He is back with his country and Americana project, the Pete Wolf Band. After I loved the album 2084, I definitely had to have a listen to the Crosswalk To Nowhere. The release date has been 5th August 2022.


Pete Wolf Band – About The Artists

Wolfgang Petry – or Franz Hubert Wolfgang Remling, which is his civil name – is a Cologne-born artist, who has been extremely successful with schlager-pop songs. He retired at the peak of his career. The more, it has been a surprise that he released Auf das Leben. However, since quite a while, he is also driving the Pete Wolf Band, which is doing Americana-style songs in English language. You can find more bio in the postings linked above, especially the 2084 one.


Pete Wolf Band – Crosswalk To Nowhere – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 22 minutes.

1. I’ll Be There For You

I’ll be there for you, ’cause I care for you – the opener feels to be surprisingly schlager-alike on the lyric side. The vocal performance has a bit of a German accent, but Wolfgang Petry (or should I say: Pete Wolf?) and his team finally wrote a nice pop-rocker with Americana sprinkles. However, 2084 featured a stronger US-style than this recording. I nonetheless really like it.

2. Crosswalk To Nowhere

The title track could also be a The Cumberland River Project write. This is definitely a positive thought – I just like Frank and his songwriting. And Pete Wolf (this time not the Wolfgang guy…) does, not too surprisingly, a great job as well. A rather slow, but very melodic song, somewhere between pop, rock and folk music. Really nice listen.

3. My Name Is Freedom

If you like both musical worlds of “Wolle” Petry, the schlager and the Pete Wolf part, then you know this song already. Ich heiß Freiheit has been one of my favorite songs of the Auf das Leben album. I feel that the English Pete Wolf version is even a bit more country-alike than the great German “original”. The meaning of the lyrics does not really differ. Love to listen to this one again.

4. My Reality

To me, My Reality is the emotional highlight of the EP. A lovely, intimate beginning – but the song creates more and more energy over the curse of its 3:38 minute duration. Pete Wolf is still having an undeniable Wolfgang Petry signature in here as well.

5. I Owe You Nothing

If you want to party with the 2022 Pete Wolf EP, then I Owe You Nothing is your song of choice. The song is a Southern rock song, which reminds me of ZZ Top tracks. I owe you nothing, nothing but love – and there is even love for Pete Wolf’s guitar player. Great solo in the middle of the song.

6. Make You Feel My Love

This set of six songs closes with a beautiful ballad. Almost four minutes, just the acoustic guitar and vocals. Beautiful listen, which definitely makes you feel love.


Pete Wolf Band – Crosswalk To Nowhere – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Pete Wolf Band – Crosswalk To Nowhere – My View

Crosswalk To Nowhere is giving a wider range of songs than 2084 to me. Not every song feels like country-folk-rock-something. More than that, Wolfgang Petry proofs again: he has a country and Americana heart. And when he is in Pete Wolf Band mode, there are some magical sounds Made in Germany. I love it!


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