Magical Heart – Heartsonic

Magical Heart - Heartsonic



3.8/5 Pros

  • Good hard melodic rock
  • Very versatile album Cons

  • Few weaker songs

Melodic rock from Munich: Magical Heart are delivering right what you really need after spending a few days at the Oktoberfest. On 7th October 2022, the band is releasing their sophomore album Heartsonic. I already had a listen and share my thoughts with you.


Magical Heart – About the Artists

Magical Heart exists since 2014. The German band initially became popular in Bavaria, before they also slightly grew in other parts of Germany and generally increased their fan base. In 2018, they released a first album, Another Wonderland. The current band lineup is Chris Urner (vocals, guitar), Patrick Schuster (guitar), Robert Frenz (bass, backing vocals) and Guiliano-Pepe Müller (drums).


Magical Heart – Heartsonic – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 41 minutes.

1. Bad Habits

The first notes of Bad Habits remind me of some Southern rock classics – but the Bavarians go for a harder way very soon. Nice stadium rock-alike with a good catch. Nice work on the guitars, which drive the song. Chris Urner just adds the right vocal topping.

2. Heartsonic

The second position of the album is taken by the title track. A short, powerful intro and you are straight in the world of Magical Heart. The track develops to a nice, melodic classic rock track with a very good main theme in the chorus.

3. My Own Way

My Own Way is a bit of slower. The song almost feels like a grunge song – but with the chorus latest, the band is back on their melodic rock path. I am going my own way – so far, it feels like a really comfortable musical walk with this band.

4. Waiting For So Long

The fourth track reminds me of the sound of Edguy, before Tobias Sammet became huge with the Avantasia superband. Nice rock with a lot of power, which is just fun to listen. Well done.

5. Daydream

Guiliano-Pepe Müller creates a thumbing sound on the drums – especially the chorus is is a nice hard melodic rock march. The balance between instrumental and vocal elements works very nicely in Daydream, which also takes a small dream-ish period in the middle of song. Finally, that sections leads into a beautiful guitar solo.

6. Magical Star

Magical Star is one of three singles released from the album already. However, apart from the title track, this means that fans know Magical Star and Take Your Time since 2020. The sixth song is not that much focusing on the speed of the song. This leads to an absolute festival-rock-smasher. One of the best listens of the album to me.

7. How Will The Story End

How Will The Story End? We are no there yet, there are five more songs to come (including this one). The seventh track does not fully out to me. It is not hard enough to catch you and make you party (even though the first notes may suggest that) – and it is not ballad enough to touch your heart. Other tracks on Heartsonic are simply coming with a stronger attitude.

8. Free Of Pain

The 3:15 minute Free Of Pain is one of the shortest tracks of the album. A bit of melancholic, a bit of moaning, the second creates its very own atmosphere and thus leads to one of the most characterful listens of the album. Time for the six-stringers to present their melodies as well – nice one.

9. It Could Go On (Forever)

The last tracks of an album are typically not where you expect the real nice ones to be located nowadays. But I have to say, I like I Could Go On (Forever) really quite a lot. The powerful, ballad-esque sound shows a very different aspect of the musical repertoire of the band. Thus, even though the song might feel not that catchy at first side, I enjoyed it after a few listen.

10. Take Your Time

If I compare the three single releases only, I would say that Take Your Time is the weakest. It does come with some nice elements, but I just don’t find too many reasons to rate it better than average – sorry!

11. Raise

The closing song of the album is a straight sing-a-long rocker. A great way to finish Heartsonic with a good feeling – even though the first tracks of the album were more smashing listens.


Magical Heart – Heartsonic – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Magical Heart – Heartsonic – My View

Heartsonic has given me a really enjoyable time. The Munich band knows how to rock you well and also shows some very different styles. Magical Heart might not be pushed into the Olymp of Rock Music with that album, but they are definitely worth a listen.


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