Maggie Rogers – Don’t Forget Me

Maggie Rogers - Don't Forget Me



4.6/5 Pros

  • Lovely folk-pop songs
  • Very fluent listen

I featured Maggie Roggers twice so far, in the Songs of the Week editions as of 3rd June 2022 and as of 9th February 2024. After these individual song sharings, I am having a major release by the US-American artist at the first time. On 12th April 2024, Rogers released her new album Don’t Forget Me. Here are my thoughts.

Maggie Rogers – About The Artist

Maggie Debay Rogers was born in Easton, Maryland, on 25th April 1994. She is doing music in the sphere of pop, art pop and folk-pop. Rogers started releasing self-released albums in 2012, just in the year she enrolled to New York University Tech School of the Arts to study music journalism. Namely, these album were The Echo (2012) and Blood Ballet (2014). Her breakthrough was the EP Bow That the Light is Fading in 2017. Her first EP release peaked fourth in the US Heat Charts. So far, Rogers released two albums. Heard it in a Past Life, released in 2019, peaked second in the US, but has also been a Top 10 album (all genre) in Australia and Canada. However, Rogers’ music was also popular, which is already reflected by the chart placements of her second album Surrender. The best chart position the 2022 release gained was in fact in Scotland (#3) and the overall United Kingdom (#6).


Maggie Rogers – Don’t Forget Me – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 36 minutes.

1. It Was Coming All Along

Don’t Forget Me kicks off with the rhythmic and grooving It Was Coming All Along. The song is a pop song which a folk music heart. Rogers’ voice leads to a beautiful and gentle touch.

2. Drunk

The second song of the album is Drunk. The song is much more energetic and rocking. The nice drive of the song turns it into a very catching listen.

3. So Sick Of Dreaming

Maggie Rogers released two songs out of Don’t Forget Me so far. One of them is the third song of the album, So Sick Of Dreaming. The more present rhythm increases the pop vibes. The song also comes with a nice flow. The album definitely stays enjoyable.

4. The Kill

Musically, The Kill merges the characters of the two songs before: there is still the ease of a pop song. On the other hand, the guitars have a nice background presence and lead to some more energy. The fourth track is a rather uptempo track with another lovely melody.

5. If Now Was Then

The folk music background of Maggie Rogers becomes more present in If Now Was Then. Nonetheless, the rhythmic part of the song is also a nice catch and catches you with its nice vibes. Very nice one.

6. I Still Do

The gentle voice and the beautiful melodies in the album just demand ballads as well – and that’s exactly what I Still Do is giving to the listener. The song does need more than Maggie Rogers and her piano, mainly. A lovely listen.

7. On & On & On

The seventh track is a rather short pop track with a catching vibe. On & On & On is easy to keep in mind and could be a great radio song one day.

8. Never Going Home

The strumming guitar in the background leads to a folk music touch in Never Going Home. The song is having a strong presence. Again, the chorus stays in your mind. Lovely listen, indeed.

9. All The Same

All The Same is the second ballad on the album. However, this time, Maggie Rogers rather leans towards the melancholic side of music. Thus, the song is one of the most touching recordings on Don’t Forget Me overall.

10. Don’t Forget Me

The album closes with its title track, which has also been one of the two single releases. On top of that, the chucker-out takes the role of the longest of the Don’t Forget Me. A very energetic, but also emotional listen, which feels like the perfect way to cross the finish line.


Maggie Rogers – Don’t Forget Me – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Maggie Rogers – Don’t Forget Me – My View

The album Don’t Forget Me is a real beauty. Maggie Rogers presents ten songs with a lovely character. You simply have a good time during these 36 minutes and never feel disappointed. If you like folk-pop, you definitely should have a deeper listen into this one.

Favorite Song: The Kill


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