Super db – Ecoute Ca

Super db - Ecoute Ca



3.4/5 Pros

  • Cool funk and soul touch in many songs
  • Good instrumental performance Cons

  • Some songs just don't catch me
  • The album is a bit of monotonous

As you know from other reviews, I am not too much a fan of press kit marketing descriptions about music I review. I have to admit, though, that Super db feels like the illegitmate child of Earth, Wind & Fire and Daft Punk is quite on point. I listened to their new album Ecoute Ca, which has been published on 2nd July 2021. Here is a review.


Super db – About The Artists

Super db are doing funk music with pop and soul elements. Some tracks of the London band even touch jazz. The band used to have four members, but Matt Dibble died unexpectedly. Nonetheless, the other band members decided to continue. J-M Sutcliffe does guitars and vocals, J-P Sutcliffe is responsible for the drums, percussion, keyboard and vocals. Last, but now least, there is Lorenzo Bassignani on the bass. Ecoute Ca is already the second album of the band. Their initial longplay release was Death by Disco in 2016.


Super db – Ecoute Ca – Track by Track

The album includes 15 tracks and lasts 62 minutes. The last three songs are remix versions of songs in the album. Without them, the duration is 47 minutes.

1. Kool Funk

Kool Funk is a bit of a slow start of the album – but apart from that, it comes with that amazing funk sound, which feels to transport you right into the 1970’s and 1980’s. The opener of the album already made me feel a little love for this English trio.

2. Wait For Me

The second song is one of the single releases of the band. The song feels a bit like a soft pop-rock ballad for the 1980’s and could be easily on a soundtrack of a movie during that era. I love the 1980’s – so I can very well relate to Wait For Me. Good song to me.

3. Open Line To Me

Lorenzo Bassignani is creating a nice foundation for the groovy character of the second single release of this album, Open Line To Me. The vocals really make me thing of bands like Earth, Wind & Fire. Unagitated song, which is just feeling cool and easy to me. Nice.

4. Day Is Dawning

Day Is Dawning stays on the rather slow side. The sound is more pop alike. The funk groove is almost entirely gone. A decent ballad, which still feels a bit of boring to me.

5. Stealing Shadows

I could almost copy and paste my words about Day Is Dawning for Stealing Shadows. There is a bit more of the spirit of the very first songs of the album in here – but overall, the song keeps a very quiet and calm style. It makes this song feel a bit of boring to me.

6. Fortune And Glory

The sixth track is the shortest song of the whole album. A bit of bad luck, it has some potential, but finally it is rather one of the average experiences of the album.

7. Take Me Back

Take Me Back is again a very nice track to me. I especially love the brass sound, which makes the blues-funk mix almost sound like a blues track. Nice vibe.

8. The Eternal Optimist

Maybe the nicest story of all on the album. The song is featuring somebody who feels to take everything from a positive perspective. Will it work out? Have a listen. Quite nice arrangement of the song as well.

9. Party Music

The 4:08 minute Party Music is really a good song to have a dance to. Again, the work on the bass is amazing – the other ingredients feel a bit too familiar. But the groove is simply catching you and makes you enjoy this song.

10. Dancing In A Rainstorm

The song confused me a bit at the beginning. Even though the melody and the song itself is a slow one, a very loud vocal mixing gives a rather strange contrast to me. I just cannot deny that this song gets a special touch exactly through that.

11. Love (Won’t You Come And Stay With Me)

The eleventh song is one of these tracks, which underline why the press kit to the album also states a certain jazz influence to the music of Super db. I have to say that I do see a good arrangement and a nice instrumental performance in this track – but overall, I just don’t get into the song in a way that I really want to listen to it.

12. Sun And Rain

The last song of the album before the remix section is the kind of Super db music how I liked to listen to it most. Soul, funk, fun – all based on a great groove. Lovely listen.

13. Wait For Me (Bangsy’s East Coast Tribute Mix)

The album closes with three alternative versions of the first two songs on the album. The remix of Wait For Me is much more focused on rhythmic elements and electronic distortion. Not necessarily a must-listen to me – I go with the original here.

14. Kool Funk (Chris Bangs Remix)

While the original version has a bit of the damped sound touch, I definitely enjoy this version much more than the original. The song feels much better to me – even though it is more than a minute shoter then the opening track of the album.

15. Kool Funk (Chris Bangs Extended Remix)

Yes, you close the list of tracks with a 5:42 minute version of a song you already listened to twice on this album. I would not say that this version adds too much additional value to Ecoute Ca.


Super db – Ecoute Ca – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Super db – Ecoute Ca – My View

Ecoute Ca is an album with ups and downs to me. I love the funky tracks – others just make me demand the skip button, as they just don’t take me away on these wonderful trips only music can take you on. The instrumental performance is good, though. There is some versatility, but I would love to have some more ideas in these twelve plus three tracks. Not too bad.


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