Lüt – Mersmak

LÜT - Mersmak



3.3/5 Pros

  • Cool new rock sound from Norway
  • Some really good songs Cons

  • Too monotonous, esp. in the first half of the album

With, I already ran into music from a couple of Norwegian artists. I recently reviewed the new album by the glam metal band Wig Wam and chatting with Nikita Skogen has been a real pleasure. Via a cooperating promotion agency, I received the album Mersmak by the Norwegian band LÜT. The challenge for me: their songs are in Norwegian. Will I like the album? Challenge accepted. If you want to try out by yourself: the album is going to be released on 12th February 2021.


LÜT – About The Artists

LÜT is a band from Tromso in Northern Norway. The lead singer is Markus Danjord. After their first album Pandion, they made some changes to the lineup. The additional members are Mads Ystmark, Orjan Nyborn Myrland and Svening Mellem Engvik (as far as I could reconcile). The band exists as such since 2014, they already won some rewards in their home country.


LÜT – Mersmak – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 35 minutes. Six tracks have already been published as part of a 2020 EP, Viepa.

1. Mersmak

The album starts with the title track. Smashing riffs, screaming verses and a very melodic chorus. This first song already gives a strong flavor, why the bad is a great one live on stage. New Norwegian Fun Rock!

2. Strictly Business

Even though the title is suggesting that Strictly Business is more accessible for English speakers – the album is in LÜT’s native language. The chorus reminds me of classic Scandinavian rock music of the 1980’s and 1990’s – but LÜT adds their own style especially in the verses.

3. LÜTetro

I unfortunately cannot introduce you too much into the lyrics of the songs, unfortunately. I neither have been provided with lyrics nor my rudimentary knowledge of the (similar) Swedish language is sufficient to understand LÜT. Bad luck – I guess it would help a lot to get deeper into the stories of their songs. Their sound is definitely cool – LÜTetro is another good listen.

4. Ingenting A Angre Pa

The lack of knowledge of the Norwegian language is really a shame. Ingenting A Angre Pa (which I believe means somehting like “Nothing to regret”) is very similar to the songs before on the melodic side. The more I would be curious about its contents.

5. Bangkok Nonstop

Same procedure as in the four songs before: the songs come with a lot of power – Bangkok Nonstop feels a bit more angry than some of the songs before. The key melodic part is definitely the bridge.

6. We Will Save Scandirock

We Will Save Scandirock is one of my favorites on the album. I like the way LÜT is using melodic elements in here. Most of the vocals are screamed, though – there are just very few harmonic vocals. Bad luck that I don’t know why one of the band members looks like a hot dog.

7. Homme Fatale

Homme Fatale is something like a ballad, LÜT. Much more melodic (I love how they do the harmonic parts with a bit of a choir feeling). The track is definitely different – and a good option for people who like softer rock and don’t like screaming.


I am sure that VIEPA (correctly “Viepâ”) is a favorite of their fans, when LÜT are back on tour. You can bang your head, you can sing the vocals with the band. Good rock.

9. Krei

This track is an 100 second instrumental one.


Krei is directly connecting to INDIÄ, the final song of the album. The song is not only the longest, but also the most complex one, having multiple sections with different kinds of atmopshere. I really enjoy listening to it.


LÜT – Mersmak – Spotify

Here is Mersmak on Spotify:


LÜT – Mersmak – My View

First of all, I have to say, this review is kind of unfair. I don’t speak Norwegian so that I just don’t get one important part of the Mersmak song, the lyrics. On the other hand, the band also did not provide them with the press package – and most of you listening to it might run into the same language barrier. So I decided to do the review and not stop it after listening to it.

I love the sound of LÜT and Mersmak. I feel these tracks will be great live on stage. The title track is an amazing lead song, We Will Save Scandirock is another highlight of the album. If you are a linguistically limited consumer of LÜT’s music like I am, many songs are too close to each other, which makes the album kind of boring, especially in the first half. The style of songs gets much better towards the end, including the really cool listen INDIÄ. and Norway

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