Mira & Adam – Prolog

Mira & Adam - Prolog



4.0/5 Pros

  • Very good productions
  • Nice touch for pop music with good lyrics Cons

  • The songs are rather similar.

Any big bicycle race is starting with a short orientation, the prologue. According to this, Mira & Adam are aiming for a long-lasting career, as their debut album is named as such, Prolog. The German-singing pop duo publishes the ten songs on 22nd April. Here is my view.


Mira & Adam – About The Artists

Mira & Adam are an Austrian duo from Vienna. The duo started as friends, but are married nowadays. Since 2017, they release music. After they got some good feedback, they presented their songs as street musicians.


Mira & Adam – Prolog – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 30 minutes.

1. 120 BPM

The album opens not with a song about mid-tempo dancing at all. 120 BPM is in fact a beautiful pop love song. Great opener by the Austrian couple.

Geb’ Dir mein Herz
Bitte zerbrich es nicht
Ist das einzige, was ich hab
Und es liebt nur nicht
Ich mein es ernst
So schnell schlägt’s nur für Dich
120 BPM
Hast meine Welt auf den Kopf gestellt

(“I give you my heart
Please don’t break it
It is the only one I got
And it is just loving you.
I am very serious about that:
It just beats that fast for you
120 BPM
You turned my world on its head”)

2. Sommertage

The second song (“Summer Days”) is more rocking – and less harmonic in the lyrics. However, the vocals are very harmonic – Adam rather takes a role of the backing vocalist in the first two songs, Mira’s voice is just too present.

3. Lila Wolken

The Lila Wolken (“Purple Clouds”) is one fof the single features of the album. Again, I am amazed by the precision of lyrics and melodies. If the songs would  be just a little more soppy, the songs would feel very much like kitsch and schlager. There is more substance and background in these songs, which leads to really good German (language) pop songs.

4. Rückenwind

Love is like “tailwind” according to the lyrics of this song. The song is about learning from challenges and growing as a couple. Du gibst mir Rückenwind, wenn ich am Fallschirm häng’ – “You provide tailwind to me, when I hang at the parachute”. I can’t deny that the “kitschy-meter” is increasing.

5. Halt Mich Fest

Halt Mich Fest (“Hold Me Tight”) sounds like the perfect title for a ballad. While the melody is having the potential for a slow one, the rhythm is just too strong and too present to really go for the intimate moments while listening to the songs.

6. Insel

Needless to say that the topic of this song is love again. The song is good and I like the picture that you don’t want to give away your small island of love. However, the album needs some variety, urgently. And I am still waiting for a major solo vocal part of Adam.

7. Mitternacht

The guitar sounds lead to a touch of country pop, especially in the verses. A song about a hot night… or just breaking up. Nice melodic work.

8. Sterne

The song (“Stars”) has a lot of potential in my point of view. But somehow, I don’t like the way it is arranged. It neither adds some new ideas to the album nor really sounds well-balanced in my point of view. Mira’s voice is just too present.

9. Bergauf

Bergauf comes with one of the best melodies of the album. The song is very present, stays in your mind. I feel I would enjoy even more if it was placed earlier in the order of songs. On the second last positions, it entertains me well, but does not fully take me out of the mood of monotony which grew the songs before.

10. Hand Aufs Herz

The slow ballad Hand Aufs Herz is one of these new ideas, the variations I would have loved to listen to more frequently. Very nice, intimate atmosphere. Adam feels to disturb in that song -he does not have any significant presence in here.


Mira & Adam – Prolog – Streaming

The album is only released song by song on Spotify. You may have the full stream on Amazon Music and Apple Music already, though.


Mira & Adam – Prolog – My View

No doubt, I love these guys. There is so much energy and potential in the Austrian couple. I would just love them to be courageous. Dare to do more music outside of their box – and dare to give Adam more vocal presents. They already have a good touch for pop music – will be great to listen to more tunes from the Austrians in the future.


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