Anchors & Hearts – Deathlist

Anchors & Hearts - Deathlist



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very versatile rock and metalcore album
  • Straight, entertaining sound

In June 2021, I shared the album Guns Against Liberty. The band behind that album is the Hamburg-based melodic hardcore act Anchors & Hearts. On 1st March 2024, the Northern Germans are back with a new album, Guns Against Liberty. I definitely felt like another listen.


Anchors & Hearts – About The Artists

The Hamburg quintet exists since 2012. The lineup has not changed since Guns Against Liberty, which is the predecessor to Deathlist. Manuel Wintjen is the singer of the band, Timo Buck and Sebastian Gohl are on the guitars, Tim Söhl is the bassist and Torben Tost the drummer of the band. Deathlist is their fifth studio album overall.


Anchors & Hearts – Deathlist – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 31 minutes.

1. Deathlist

Anchors & Hearts make me smile from the very beginning. Deathlist is an amazing song, which is simply fun to listen. I picked this track for my Songs of the Week as of 17th November 2023 – and I still love listening to it.

2. Wasted Lives

The second song of the album is rather short, but it leaves a mark. The contrast between rather aggressive hip hop parts and the rather melodic chorus stays in your mind.

3. Never Thought

I never thought I needed this so much.I never thought that I could miss somebody to talk.Really wish that I could fix this up,this hole in my heartNever thought that we’ll fall apart.I miss you.

Even when the Northern Germans sing about love, they use the Anchor & Hearts signature sound. And it’s simply fun to listen to these guys. Another single release, another cool rocker, which is not having too many typical metalcore ingredients this time.

4. The Everlasting

Sirens are blaring at the beginning of this song. Maybe they are made to warn the listener: we are back to metalcore sound. Even though there is also a rather slow part, this song is full of power and energy. The chorus has a good potential to growl in line with the lyrics Wintjen is presenting. The song reminds of the title track, though.

5. 999

Did they tilt the digits in this song title? 999 is a 92 second song, which is very compact, but does not feel like an easy interlude track. Nicely done recording.

6. I Will Rise

I Will Rise is another short one. This time, Anchors & Hearts recorded a 78 minute track, which is majorly concentrating on the vocal part, just with a touch of keyboard. Feels like a very intimate choir recording.

7. Rising Tide

Just after that interlude is completed, the guitars are back presenting their harder riffs. The lyrics (We are the chosen ones) have a lot of energy and confidence. We will rise, we are the rising tide. At least, this song is a powerful rock experience.

8. After All

Don’t shake your music listening device – the intro of this song indeed reminds of a boy band. Even though there are some more similar parts following, the song is having a nice touch – and the guys also make use of their guitars in an appropriate manner.

9. Lost Without You

After you are used to rather unexpected listening experiences, the intimate kick-off of Lost Without You does not bother you any more. The power ballad of the album starts with a strumming guitars and plushy vocals, before the guys here and there also use scattered guitar parts. A touch of kitsch, but not a bad listen at all.

10. Fake Friends

Fake Friends makes use of electronic sounds as well as of guitars. The song is thus in the comfort zone. A very entertaining and versatile tenth song of the album.

11. Call Me A Mascot

With Call Me A Mascot, the quintet is rocking you farewell from their 2024 album. The song is right in the comfort zone of fans of the band. Nice one.


Anchors & Hearts – Deathlist – Spotify

Here is the album on Sportify:


Anchors & Hearts – Deathlist – My View

I simply enjoy listening to these guys. Even though I feel that Guns Against Liberty was just a little bit better, I like the straight, but surprising songs on this album as well.


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