Indecent Behavior – Therapy In Melody

Indecent Behavior - Therapy In Melody



4.3/5 Pros

  • Fun listen
  • Good, straight pop-punk songs

The album Therapy In Melody was definitely one I was looking forward to. Two of the featured singles by the band Indecent Behavior already made it to my Songs of the Week in 2023, namely in the editions as of 17th February and 14th April 2023. The album has been released on 12th May 2023.


Indecent Behavior – About The Artist

Indecent Behavior is a band from Saarbrücken, Germany. They mix pop and punk elements and are active since 2013. In 2016, the quartet released their debut EP Slaves To The Rules, followed by the 2018 album Outnumbered. There were two more major releases, their sophomore album Bright Days n 2020 and the 2022 EP Satellite. 


Indecent Behavior – Therapy In Melody – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 40 minutes.

1. Hide from the truth

A brief message from the editor on page 1? The 2:10 minute opener Hide from the truth is the shortest song of the album. Nonetheless, the track is setting the right mood for the listen. Especially the chorus comes with an enjoyable touch.

2. Twice as good

I will always be twice as good as you – this single release is indeed coming with a clear message. And it also nicely illustrate the magic of the Saarbrücken quartet and pop-punk. There is rock fun, the ease of pop and the straight, here and there even a bit of ironic, touch of punk. The result is a very catchy track.

3. Bird of Prey

The third song is using a bit more distortion and electronic elements. The verses of the song thus have a bit more of a modern indie-rock touch. The chorus is back on track then, though. You just want to sing with singer Henrik Bergmann and relive emotions your heart tells you from your youth days. Nice.

4. Too Close

The beginning of the song feels a bit of mousy to me. At first listen, you might even ask yourself why the band and their team chose Too Close as a single release. However, the chorus with nice keyboard lines gives you a simple answer: it is a good song.

5. Show me what you got

In songs like the fifth track, the band is also using scattered shouts and thus adds another elements. This gives a slightly more aggressive touch, but is not grim at all. This only already illustrates the wise way the guys are writing and balancing their songs.

6. To Hell and Back

The middle track of the album is one of my absolute favorites. The song has the snotty style of a school-time punk rock band, but on the other hand feels more mature, more advanced. The song is full of energy, so that it is good that the bridge is going for a short relax.

7. Animal

Animal is the third song on the album, which is already known to Indecent Behavior fans. There are some more electronic beats, Bergmann is showing a wide vocal range. Overall, the song is a very entertaining – and you never know which direction it is taking next.

8. White Lies // Black Tattoos

The track White Lies // Black Tattoos nicely works with come contrasting elements again. However, the driving element is the galloping rhythm created from the drummer’s side.

9. Like Any Other Morning

The opening verses of the ninth song are as close as you can go to hip hop and rap – without really rapping. This leads to a very fast, accentuated touch on the verses and a nice lead towards the melodic chorus.

10. Fire in the Attic

I wouldn’t state that I struggle with Fire in the Attic, but it just does not come with the same grip and energy to me as other songs of the album. The German band feels to be just a bit more brave than in other songs. This is already suspicious in this pop-punk firework.

11. I Love Goodbyes

I am sure that much more bands wrote songs like I Don’t Like Goodbyes than this way of dealing with farewell situations. I don’t care what they say to me – but these guys are just different and write a nice song about their point of view.

12. A Life Turned Into Art

The 4:46 minute closing tune is by far the longest listen of the album. The ballad initially feels to be a weird part of the album, but it is overall a really good and atmospheric listen. After being straight and cheeky, why not do the chucker-out with some additional emotions?


Indecent Behavior – Therapy In Melody – Spotify

Here is Therapy In Melody on Spotify:


Indecent Behavior – Therapy In Melody – My View

Therapy In Melody is well written. It is fun. And it gives you good emotions and memories. It is punk and modern. Indecent Behavior catch you with their 2023 major release from the very beginning – and you feel welcome and enjoy. A good one.


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