Santans – Koi Boi EP

Santans - Koi Boi



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very versatile range of songs
  • Happy, individual indie pop sound

Some interesting indie-pop from Germany: I already featured Santans in my Song of the Week postings. However, on 28th July 2028, the artist will release a seven track EP named Koi Boi – a good opportunity to have a deeper listen.


Santans – About The Artists

Santans is the alter ego of Chris Scott Pham: The Munich-based artist is also very active as a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. In his solo project, however, he is recording pop music with a very individual style. There has been an initial EP release in 2016, but Eigengrau just came with limited success. There are also two three track releases, which are sometimes flagged as EP. After a surgery, he released the two singles Come Undone (2020) and Mesa Verde (2021), which raised quite some attention in the media. His most successful song on Spotify so far is the 2022 single corazon.


Santans – Koi Boi – Track by Track

The seven track EP lasts 25 minutes.

1. Aye

Aye is taking the duty of the opening song – and the song does well in it. Very rhythmic pop, which is making you move from the very first moment. The bass groove add a cool touch.

2. Mentos

Currently, Mentos are maybe most popular for physical experiments with sparkling sodas. This single release has the potential to change that. Especially the chorus is staying in your mind. The stanzas have some weaker spots as well, though.

3. whatever

Whatever is a 24 second interlude. Some sound of the sea warms up for the following song.

4. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon surprises with summer and beach touch. The style of the song is a rather slow way of presenting surfer pop vibes. However, during the remaining runtime, the song is also nicely developing its own theme and plot. This leads to a very versatile and entertaining listen.

5. Monstera

Fun, easy, groovy dance pop music with a special touch – that’s what Monstera is about – and finally the whole Koi Boi EP. The special character of these recordings is about the versatility, the usage of rather quiet moments, which feel to heat you up in regards of the desire to dance with the Munich artist.

6. Mukbang

For the sixth song, Santans is also using some folk and world music elements. Especially the groove of the chorus is very special. But: it works out. Nice variation to the other songs.

7. Koi Boi

The EP closes with the title track. Nice pop song, which is a rather fluent listen and does not have a strong indie touch.


Santans – Koi Boi – Spotify

Here is Koi Boi on Spotify:


Santans – Koi Boi – My View

Koi Boi is a really nice indie-pop song collection. The six songs come with a very different character each (let’s exclude the interlude track). They all have a nice groove, made to dance, smile and enjoy. A really nice set of songs for summer.


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