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Austin Michael - Austin Michael



4.1/5 Pros

  • Great voice (he is really 17!)
  • Very nice variety of songs, characteristic sound Cons

  • Some songs are not showing Austin Michael's potential

Late entry: after I had already closed my list of album and EP reviews for the 9th October 2020 releases and just have been about to select songs for my playlists, I ran into the debut album by Austin Michael, which I haven’t spotted before at all. It just felt too strong to just mention it somewhere on the website – here is my view on his self-titled album.


Austin Michael – About The Artist

US-style artist bio are typically not too informative, but therefore more powerful. I unfortunately do not know too much about Austin Michael. The blonde is 17 years old and competed at American Idol last year at the age of fifteen, where he competed with his civil name, Austin M. Robinson. He is based in a Dallas suburb. Two of his songs, Country Cred and Panini, have already hit the 100k streams at Spotify.


Austin Michael – Austin Michael – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 38 minutes.

1. Feel It Too

The first three minutes of the album – and Austin Michael takes us in his world of country with a catchy track. Not too rocking (but not lacking guitars), the powerful modern country track feels comparably intimate. Love this starter!

2. Still Ain’t Over

Still Ain’t Over is the first country music ballad on the album. A rather traditional sound with strong steel guitar backgrounds. Beautiful one.

3. Merry Go Round

Merry Go Round is very powerful again – a very melodic good-listen modern country song, which is driven by the electric guitars. Cool sound.

4. Bleedin’ Heart

A comparably slow song with some more power in the chorus. Not really my favorite on the album, but nice melodies including violin support.

5. I Pray

To me, I Pray is the most unremarkable track on the album to me. Not a bad song at all – but even after listening to it multiple times, the slow track does not really catch me.

6. Hard To Say Goodbye

In contrast to that, Hard To Say Goodbye (acoustic version below) is amazing one. Is that dark bass voice really a teenager? Great and catching chorus. No doubt, selecting this one as a single was a good choice.

7. Things My Grandpa Said (feat. Jack Robinson)

This uptempo country song with a quite traditional touch profits a lot from the collaboration with Jack Robinson. Yee-hah, that one feels like Texas country – you will start moving when the fiddle plays its solo latest.

8. Love Song

Not too surprisingly, this one is for the emotional cowboys out there again. Close your eyes and enjoy – Austin Michael did a real beauty there.

9. She’s My Texas

A nice way to express feelings as a Texas-based artist. I would not rate the song to be one of my favorites on the album, but it is pretty solid!

10. Country Cred

Another great one on this album. Very fluent and compact modern country track. A lot of fun to listen to.

11. Honky Tonk Party

The Honky Tonk Party at the end of Austin Michael’s debut album is not as smashy as you might imagine it after listening to the other tracks – but it is fun!


Austin Michael – Austin Michael – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget for Austin Michael’s debut album:


Austin Michael – Austin Michael – My View

Austin Michael fans might not favor my opinion too strongly – but I have to admit that I did not like his American Idol performance – it would have definitely been a “No” from my side. That simply shows how much more skilled Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie are in these music things – Austin Michael’s debut album is just amazing and a great listen. Powerful and intimate moments, which do not sound like a teenager at all. There is quite much talent in this guy – I am sure, we will hear – and enjoy – more of his songs very soon!


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