Thundermother – Black And Gold

Thundermother - Black And Gold



4.5/5 Pros

  • Very fun album
  • A lot of potential to sing and rock with the Swedish hard rock girl group Cons

  • The easy lyrics feel a bit pop-ish

The most rocking girls of Sweden are back – Thundermother are releasing their 2022 album Black And Gold on 19th August 2022. After I really enjoyed to their previous long play release Heat Wave, I was really looking forward to these tracks. Here is my review.


Thundermother – About The Artists

Originally, Thundermother are a hard rock band from Växjo, Sweden. Nowadays, they are based in Stockholm, though. I already introduced you to them in my Heat Wave review. Before the release of Black And Gold, they already released a set of four songs of the album as an EP in April 2022 under the same name. The current lineup is Guernica Mancini (vocals), Filippa Nässil (guitar), Emlee Johansson (drums) and Mona Lindgren (bass).


Thundermother – Black And Gold – Track by Track

The twelve track album has a duration of 43 minutes.

1. Light In The Sky

We are running this game
You’ll never be the same
We are the thunder
We are the light in the sky tonight

Hope you have fastened your seat belt in fact before you hit the play button on your CD player or streaming platform! The Swedish ladies don’t give you a relaxed start, it is time for a Scandinavian rock firework from the very first second. Great, powerful hard rock with a lot of potential for fun.

2. Black And Gold

The second song of the album is its title track. Black and Gold lets Emlee Johansson hit the drums extra-hard and Guernica Mancini catches you from the very beginning. A song somewhere between AC/DC and Doro Pesch. Black and Gold, let’s go! I love it.

3. Raise Your Hands

Raise Your Hands a slightly slower song, which opens with rhythmic guitar licks, before it turns into a very catching chorus. Thundermother also give some opportunity to rock and sing with them. Not too complex lyrics, but a lot of rock fun.

4. Hot Mess

Thundermother doing a power ballad in the fourth track. I feel that the song is rather impressing on the instrumental side. Neither the lyrics nor the vocal performance really persuade me.

I lay down my cards for you
Tell you what I’ve been through
Will you forgive me even if I am a hot mess I’ll bare my soul to you
Hope you will do it to
Will you forgive me even if I am a hot mess

5. Wasted

After these 4.26 minutes of emotions, there is pure hard rock feeling with Wasted. Filippa Nässil has one of her best showcases in here and Guernica Mancini is leading the track perfectly on the microphone. Good one!

6. Watch Out

If the album was some sort of workout for drummer Emlee Johansson, this would be the sprint or the high-burden section. Even though the song is just slightly longer than three minutes, it comes with a lot of speed and energy. Really nice listen.

7. I Don’t Know You

The seventh track, I Don’t Know You, is the last track of the album, which is in fact known to Thundermother fans already. The song starts with a sing-a-long section, before it feels like a rocker with a blues touch. The chorus is very melodic. Thus, the song is presenting a very different kind of style.

8. Looks No Hooks

That kind of money, that kind of fame All looks, no hooks
I’m not your honey, I don’t fit your frame All looks, no hooks
Time to change the game
It’s all about the looks but you’ve got no hooks

The eighth song comes again with a Southern Rock / Americana texture. Great work on the guitar and overall a recording, which is fun from the very first moment. Really good one.

9. Loud And Free

With 2:51 minutes, Loud And Free is the shortest listen on the whole album. Despite the duration, the song is leaving a mark in the heart of the listener. It is just a too good track – great one to heat up the crowds when the Swedish band is back on tour.

We live loud and free
We are, we are the wanted
We live loud and free
We will not be forgotten

10. Try With Love

I’m gonna try with love
Gonna try with love
I’m done with anger,
Done with hate,
Pride was in my way
I’m gonna try with love

The Thundermother recipe is still working. They don’t give you complex plots or deep historic stories. Nässil and her ladies want you to have fun with their music. You don’t even need to Try With Love, just listen to this album.

11. Stratosphere

Have some beer and bang your head… You just cannot say that the lyrics are too deep (again). But who cares? These ladies are the hard rock party queens – and they proove it (again) in Stratosphere. Fun one!

12. Borrowed Time

The last four minute of the album are bringing you back to the emotional side. Borrowed Time is a beautiful rock ballad, which I personally significantly prefer over Hot Mess.


Thundermother – Black And Gold – Spotify

Here is Black And Gold on Spotify:


Thundermother – Black And Gold – My View

Ace of Base, Aqua and finally also ABBA – Sweden gave us the pop music to make a generation of music lovers dance. Not always the most thoughtful listens, but these guys made you smile. Thundermother are Swedish pop for hard rock lovers – and listening to Black And Gold makes me smile even more than my Heat Wave review two years ago. These ladies completed their mission – and I say “tack” with a Top Pick! rating.


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