Sonic Wildhearts – Get It On

Sonic Wildhearts - Get It On



4.5/5 Pros

  • Very straight, easy songs
  • Good, entertaining set of tracks

The 19th August 2022 edition of my Songs of the Week was lead by a Norwegian-origin band: Hey Rosie by the Sonic Wildhearts was just a too fun listen. On 20th January 2023, the band is back and present their debut album, Get It On. Here is my review.


Sonic Wildhearts – About The Artists

Ole Halvorsen is the head behind the Sonic Wildhearts. He is a Norwegian artist, but is living since 1990 in Hamburg, Germany. Thereby, he became quite established in the local music scene and played with bands like Wild Touch as well as releasing solo tracks. The Sonic Wildhearts are a relatively new rock project. So far, Halvorsen and his bandmates just released two singles, both available on Get It On.


Sonic Wildhearts – Get It On – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 37 minutes.

1. Hey Rosie

Okay, I can be quick with this one. I love Hey Rosie, it is a great song which is combining melodic rock tunes with a touch of folk. From that perspective, the song has been a safe choice as a single release. And to make it really: it is also the best track of the album. Maybe not too bad to start a debut album with a bang.

2. Don’t Look Up

The rhythmic drive by the guitars leads to an almost punk-alike sound of Don’t Look Up. Great melodic sections – an absolutely fun listen with a great performance on the keyboard side.

3. Nice Day

After two powerful fun track, Nice Day is rather slowing you down and even leads to some warmer emotions. Again, Ole Halvorsen wrote this song just on point – it stays a good listen even though it is the longest song of the album.

4. Way to Your Heart

Way to Your Heart has been the other single released by the Sonic Wildhearts. The pop-rock track is again coming with a simply catching chorus. Great songwriting with a straight storytelling.

5. Sfinx Eyes

One of the fascinating characteristics of this Wildhearts debut album is that every song has a very own character. This one is a rock track with a slight indie touch and a thumbing rhythm. Good one!

6. Get It On

The  brass fanfares at the beginning of Get It On remind me of Peter Gabriel, but Olve Halvorsen and his band push the thrust lever and present a fast rocker with a Southern rock touch (and brass sounds) in here. Quite a contrast. However, it just works out.

7. Footenote

The four minute Footenote comes with nice ballad qualities, with then rather develop towards a power ballad sounds. Lovely vocal performance – one of my favorites.

8. Coming Home

Coming Home is another track to party and enjoy yourself. Especially the chorus of Coming Home has a lovely vibe and ease. There is almost a bit of shanty in the air when the Wildhearts go for this song.

9. Last Call

The Last Call is driven by the electric guitars, which are strumming a fast rhythm. I guess that this song is one of a best for a live show. It is rather easy, stays in your mind and works perfect with a stein of beer.

10. People Are People

I just can’t avoid – I feel that the Sonic Wildhearts sound a bit like Frank Zappa’s good old Bobby Brown track. Nice song, which is working nice as a farewell from that debut set of ten tunes.


Sonic Wildhearts – Get It On – Spotify

Here is Get It On on Spotify:


Sonic Wildhearts – Get It On – My View

Get It On is somehow magical. It feels arbitrary, normal, not too special. But it catches you more and more. Hard to spot the weak tunes in this recording. These guys did a great first step on their band’s career.


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