Tom Niklas – Einfach Ich

Tom Niklas - Einfach Ich



3.9/5 Pros

  • Mondern versatile schlager album
  • Three remix versions as a bonus Cons

  • Few weaker songs
  • The remixes don't add too much value
  • Just three new (original) songs

I have to be straight: I did not know Tom Niklas before. I ran into the schlager artist by a promotion platform and finally decided to have a deeper listen into his album release Einfach ich (“Simply me”). The album release date is the 30th July 2021.


Tom Niklas – About The Artist

Tom Niklas was born in Wernigerode North of the Harz mountains in Germany. He initially had to revert his decision to pursue a music career, as his father was no longer able to lead the family’s logistics company. His father died in 2015 and Niklas became the only manager of the company. In 2018, he started to work on own music again. Einfach ich is Niklas’ debut album.


Tom Niklas – Einfach Ich – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 41 minutes. However, the last three songs are remixes of songs which are already part of Einfach ich. Without those, the nine tracks are 31 minutes.

1. Einfach so

The opener of the album was one of the latest song releases before the album. The song comes with a catchy rhythm. Very straight and modern schlager. A bit of repetitive, but these sounds are made for dancing or partying – so that this song definitely meets its expectations, also in this category.

2. Hunderttausend Mal

The second song of the album (“100,000 times”) nicely connects to the opening track: nice, happy-sounding party schlager tunes. The song also comes with a good and characteristic vocal performance. Good sound!

3. Pure Magie

Pure Magie is a bit of slower and has some sections, which come with less rhythm. The song reminds me of some 1980’s schlager tracks on the one hand – but then, there is the synth part, which does not suit to that impression. I feel that this song (“Pure magic”) is one of the best productions of the album. Really good listen!

4. Tausend Stürme

Auch wenn tausend Stürme aufziehen, stehe ich bei Dir – “Even if there a thousands storms, I stand by you” is the key phrase of the fourth song. The song could use some more in my point of view. Apart from that, I struggle with the the vocal performance here and there. I might be wrong – the February 2021 track had quite some airplay success in Germany.

5. Wieso, weshalb, warum

The fifth song is in fact the first one which has not yet been released. The pre-chorus has some cool elements, I feel. Very straight language and an easy-to-remember chorus are some additional reasons to like that song. Nonetheless, I would love to have a more surpsrising track with more new elements.

6. All in

Ich geh All In für die Liebe
Setz meine Karten nur auf Dich
Geh All In für die Liebe
Heute ist alles möglich

(“I go all-in for love
Put my cards on you only
Go all-in for love
Today, everything is possible”)

I am sorry, I just cannot tell you my thoughts about this song. On the one hand, it is catchy – but somehow, I just do not manage to properly connect to it. It is, however, definitely a well done and modernly produced track.

7. Dieses Gefühl

Dieses Gefühl is definitely another flavor of schlager. I should appreciate it – but it feels a bit too old-fashioned and thin to me, unfortunately. Just a matter of taste, the song is nicely done and works with really well-arranged electronic sounds in the background.

8. Mein Herz schlägt für Dich

This song translates to “My Heart Beats for you”. Again, I struggle with with exactness of the vocals here and there. Sometimes, the vocals are just a bit too strongly arranged in my point of view as well. The song was part of the pre-releases of the album – I overall feel it is by far the worst song on this album (originals only).

9. Das alles bist Du

Das alles bist Du is the closing track of Einfach ich, if you do not count the remixes. A lovely way to finish the set of songs, as Tom Niklas chose a piano ballad for this finale. Not an overwhelming one, but a good listen.

10. Pure Magie (Pottblagen Mix)

Pure Magie was definitely one of my favorites of the first nine tracks – and this song is opening the set of three remix versions at the end of the album now. The Pottblagen Mix is not too bad and gives a song a 1990’s electro pop touch. Thus, I like this tenth track, though I rather go with the original.

11. Hunderttausend Mal (Pottblagen.Music Summer Mix)

I struggle with this remix. Yeah, the song now is maybe better for dancing – but the tradeoff is that this mixing takes a lot of the energy of the original version. No added value in my point of view.

12. Dieses Gefühl (Tanzpiraten Radio Edit)

Overall, the last remix version is likely the one which is closest to the original. I am not too happy with it. Feels to me like just putting rhythm on top of the not too bad Dieses Gefühl.


Tom Niklas – Einfach Ich – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Tom Niklas – Einfach Ich – My View

Einfach Ich is indeed a good schlager album. Some parts of the album might even long for top ratings – but overall, there are just three new songs and some of the tracks have some weak spots. If you like schlager, which has a little bit of electronic and pop music in it, then I would definitely recommend you having a listen.


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