Fräulein Frey – Ein Wagnis

Fräulein Frey - Ein Wagnis



4.2/5 Pros

  • Very versatile songs
  • Good, picturesque lyrics Cons

  • Very short album

Fräulein Frey names her music “Freien Hanseatischen Pop” – Free Hanseatic pop. On 3rd June 2022, she is releasing a new eight track album, Ein Wagnis, an album about daring to to change things in life. I ran into the songs on a promotion platform and share my thoughts with you.


Fräulein Frey – About The Artist

Fräulein Frey (which translates to “Misses Frey” or “Misses Free”) is a Hamburg-based artist. Her civil name is Steffi Böhnke. In 2017, she debuted with the album Hallo Leben (“Hello Life”). According to my information, Ein Wagnis is her second major release.


Fräulein Frey – Ein Wagnis – Track by Track

The eight track album lasts 28 minutes.

1. Ein Wagnis

The title track is opening the album. Very energetic song, which is nicely introducing the main topic of the album. Very good pop-rock listen.

2. Stadt im Sturm

Stadt im Sturm (“Town in the storm”) is a beautiful homage on Steffi’s residenceHamburg. Nice folk track with a pop touch. My favorite song of the album.

3. Steine

Steine has been the second feature track of the album, which has been financed by crowdfunding. Very melodic, very present song with beautiful lyrics.

4. Da bist du ja wieder

The fourth songs is a nice rock track with a beautiful bass groove. The song is about meeting your school love again after several years. Life has changed a lot since then – but the feelings and memories are still there. Nice storytelling.

5. Apfelbaumgarten

Fräulein Frey is going back to folk tunes in this song. The song again comes with beautiful picturesque lyrics, which nicely describe the setting and scenery. Great listen.

6. Du hast mich getroffen

Du hast mich getroffen just does not need more than the acoustic guitar and the artist’s voice. This leads to a lovely, very intense listen.

7. Superhelden

The last song before the closing track is named Superhelden – Superheroes. The song is very rhythmic, starts with electronic tracks. The song has a strong indie touch and even somehow reminds me of the typical German songs of the early 1980’s (Neue Deutsche Welle). The shortest song on the album leads to a very interesting and different listen.

8. Ein Wagnis (acoustic)

The album opened with Ein Wagnis – and so it is closing. The eighth track is the slightly shorter acoustic version. Even though the piano sound has a nice touch, I feel that the original recording just suits better to the lyrics. Nonetheless, this version is a nice way to close the album.


Fräulein Frey – Ein Wagnis – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Fräulein Frey – Ein Wagnis – My View

I happened to run into Ein Wagnis on a promotion platform and felt it is an interesting sound. Now that I had a deep listen, I like these eight songs even more. Ein Wagnis is a bit short for an album in my point of view, but Fräulein Frey recorded a wide and very entertaining range of tracks. Very good one.



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