Flora Falls – Ankle Deep EP

Flora Falls - Ankle Deep



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very talented collaboration
  • Five enjoyable songs in an initial musical showcase Cons

  • Songs could cover a wider range of sounds

In early November 2021, I received a promo EP from a folk music duo from Berlin, Flora Falls. A bit of an alternative sound, but I liked the nice harmony of voices created on their debutAnkle Deep. Thus, it was an easy decision to present the five tracks to you. Release date has been 12th November 2021


Flora Falls – About The Artists

While Flora Falls are a Berlin-based project, neither of the artists is German origin. Brea Robertson is an Australian artist. She is originally from the Sunshine Coast region in Queensland. She is working as a theater actress as well as independent singer/songwriter. She is also well-known as an artist of intimate living room concerts. Dominique Fricot is a Canadian artist, who already released – like Robertson – quite some music. The two happened to meet at an open stage show in Berlin in early 2019 and decided to write some songs together.


Flora Falls – Ankle Deep – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 18 minutes.

1. Margaret Falls

The album starts with its hidden title track – the title Ankle Deep has been taken from a line of the song. On the other hand, the song feels very deep, melancholic, when Fricot is having a solo – but as soon as Robertson is joining, the song creates a lovely, wide, hamornic atmosphere. Lovely listen.

2. Where The Grass Grows High

While it has been Fricot’s voice, who has been introducing to the Margaret Falls, Robertson is having a leading part in this second song. A beautiful, fragile sound, which underlines the magic of well-done, handmade acoustic folk music.


3. Figments of Love

Figments of Love is the longest song of the EP (4:15 minutes). The song is presented in very high notes. Beautiful recording, in which the two voices feel to match quite perfectly. Great listen.

4. Horizon of Gold

The fourth song comes with a very fine, fragile sound. The lyrics are in the center of Horizon of Gold, which creates a nice vibe. Nice work with piano and brass sounds, which are arranged around the voices of the duet (Fricot is having a leading role in this song again).

5. Wake Up

The closing track Wake Up is again majorly focusing on the two vocals and the guitar play of the duo. A lovely sound created with little instrumentation and a lot of talent.



Flora Falls – Ankle Deep – Spotify

Here is Ankle Deep on Spotify:



Flora Falls – Ankle Deep – My View

Flora Falls is definitely a collaboration. The Canadian-Australian duo is able to form a beautiful, harmonic sound bed to tell their stories on. The first five songs are very promising – I would love to hear some more songs, maybe also with more different moods and energy levels.


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