Cassadee Pope – Stages (with Track by Track Commentary)

Cassadee Pope - Stages (with track by track commentary)



4.3/5 Pros

  • The original album is already a good one
  • Track by track commentary just adds so much value

Especially in the winter season, when people are looking for Christmas presents, it is not too unusual that among Greatest Hits albums, there are some Deluxe re-releases of successful albums. Honestly, I first felt that Cassadee Pope’s re-release of her album Stages, which I already reviewed in February 2020, was something like this. However, her new version of the album, which is adding track by track commentary, is a real treat and valuable add-on to the songs.

Cassadee Pope – About The Artist

Cassadee Pope is one of the Featured Artists of my website, so that I follow her a bit more closely during her musical career. You find, for example, pictures of her show in Liverpool or of a fan meeting during the CMA Fest in Nashville. You will find a lot of information about Pope, who is a 1989-born Florida girl, under these links.


Cassadee Pope – Stages – The Original Album

I reviewed Stages in February 2019 already (see below). The eleven track album is a really nice eleven track piece with a couple of lovely songs. Despite that, only Take You Home made it to the Top 50 of the US Country Singles Charts.

Cassadee Pope – Stages (Album Review)

Cassadee Pope – Stages – The Track By Track Commentary

The re-release of Stages has 22 tracks, twice as much as the original (which is not too surprising, see below). The total playing time is 53 minutes.

How does the “Track by Track Commentary” work? Before each track, Pope gives some insights about the song and the story she is telling in it. In average, this roughly adds 90 seconds of information by track. I felt this is very interesting. Below, you see how it sounds in practise, based on one of my favorite tracks of the album, One More Red Light. 



Cassadee Pope – Stages with Track by Track Commentary on Spotify

Here you can listen to the Track by Track commentary version of Stages:


Cassadee Pope – Stages with Track by Track Commentary – My View

I love songwriters rounds – and the special version of Stages with track by track commentary is like a songwriters round at home. If you are a die-hard fan and have visited some of her shows, you may know some of the stories – but I feel, it is still a great idea and a significantly added value. I feel it turns the album, which I originally assigned four out of five stars to, an absolute Top Pick! Country Music Reviews

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