Songs Of The Week (week of 14 October 2022)

Freddie! Who would have thought that Mr Mercury is part of my Songs Of The Week one day. Not sure if Bryan May and his former band mates need some more money – but this temporary “comeback” is definitely worth a mention. Some really cool songs in my list this week, while I am traveling through Florida.


In contrast to the typical setup, the new songs are located at the end of the playlist, due to the breakdown of my main notebook. I will correct that during the week.


Queen – Face It All Alone

Freddie is back… Just for one song. Queen looked in their archive and found this recording. Somehow spooky, somehow commercial… But hey, it’s Queen.



Nina Hagen – 16 Tons

East Berlin-born Nina Hagen is a legend of the German punk and new wave scene. This week, she released a new single. Very nice, dark sound.


Blink-182 – Edging

The US-American rockers from San Diego recently announced a world tour in 2023 and 2024. Edging has a good chance to make the people move to their music.


Antonja – My Lord

After her rebranding, Austrian rocker became a frequent guest in the Songs of the Week postings. Absolutely well deserved – as she has perfectly mastered the transition from traditional schlager / folk to the harder guitar riffs. She also announced a rock album in 2023.


Powerwolf – My Will Be Done

The Saarbruecken power metal band is releasing a new one. My Will Be Done is a nice blend of rocking riffs, nice keyboard work and straight vocals.


The Answer – Blood Brother

Blood Brother is a power rock track by the Northern Irish band The Answer. Her last album is already dated as of 2016 – let’s see if there is some new stuff available soon? No confirmation yet, though.


Rival Sons – Nobody Wants To Die

Very powerful song by the Rival Sons from Long Beach. The fans of the US rockers wait fore more new stuff – but the press kit does not lead to additional information on that topic.


dArtagnan – Dreht sich der Wind

dArtagnan is a medieval-style folk rock band from Nuremberg. There will be a new album soon – Dreht sich der Wind is an excellent teaser for it in my point of view.


Fiasko – Anita

It is not only Halloween and Christmas season, Cologne and other parts of Germany are also preparing for the carnival season, which is starting on 11th November. Many bands release their new feature songs in this period, one of them is the Cologne rock band Fiasko – Anita hits the modern style of Cologne parts music really well, so that I wanted to share it with you.


Bruce Springsteen – Nightshift

The Boss is doing strange things. His latest single is a cover of the good, old Commodores song. But, of course, he is good in what he is doing.


Emma Steinbakken – Can’t Fight This Feeling

A new single release by the Norwegian pop artist. The more songs I listen to by Emma Steinbakken, the more I love her music. Great work again here.


Lea Pietsch – Lila

Lila by Hamburg-born and resident artist Lea Pietsch is a great example for modern German pop music. Nice vibe, good listen, nice story. I absolutely like it.


Sophia – Scheinwerfer an

Sophia is another really interesting emerging German pop artist. I love listening to Scheinwerfer an, which translates to Spot on.


Dirk Busch – Unverzagt

Dirk Busch’s song Du bist keine Mona Lisa is one of my all-time favorites. In recent times, the German pop and schlager artist released quite some music again – Unverzagt is another really intense and good listen.


Weyes Blood – Grapewine

Weyes Blood’s civil name is Natalia Laura Mering. Sounds very German – but in fact she is a US-Amercan artist from Greater Los Angeles. She releases music as a solo artist since 2011, Grapewine And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow. Release date will be 18th November 2022.


Title Picture: Queen – Face It All Alone Cover


Songs of The Week – The Playlist

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