Songs Of The Week (week of 12th January 2024)

This time, my Songs Of The Week consist of 14 new releases as of this week. The Christmas break is definitely over, the music industry is offering us a wide range of new listens of all kinds of genre. Hope you enjoy my overview of the single promos I received!


Sea Girls – I Want You To Know Me

The leading song of my this week’s edition has been released by the Sea Girls. Sounds like a female band, somehow. Nonetheless, the indie-pop quartet from London consists of male musicians only. I Want You To Know Me teases a new album by the band, which is expected to be released in summer.


Dead Poet Society – My Condition

My Condition by Dead Poet Society has already been released on Monday this week. The Los Angeles based alternative rock band is just about to release their sophomore album Fission, which will be published on 26th January 2024. Briefly thereafter, they will be touring Europe. Sounds promising.


Mätropolis – Regeln nicht kapiert

The weird spelling of “Metropolis” suggests that this band is likely not from an English-speaking country. Indeed, the band is an all-female quartet from my home town Cologne. And they are singing in Cologne style German. Really nice pop with a local slang.


Julia Kautz – Bin ich verrückt oder die anderen?

In this part of my release radar, Julia Kautz asks “Am I mad or is it the others?”. The German pop singer-songwriter is from Munich. She already had some quite successful song releases. After she had already published two EPs, she is heading towards her debut album. I would definitely give her a try.


Here At Last – Dear Taylor

On TikToik only, Here At Last are followed by 3.3 million people. That’s still 20 million less than Taylor Swift, who is featured – and admired – in this single release. I am sure that this song will help to slightly close up the gap between the British boy band and the US-American superstar.


Suki Waterhouse – OMG

There are quite a lot of British acts in this overview of new releases. Suki Waterhouse has been part of my Songs of the Week several times already. The British pop singer and model deserves it again giving some spotlight on her music. Great song.


Anna Grey – Skin

Anna Grey is a German pop artist The Northern German is likely a bit of nervous – she is just about to support Kontra K. on his February and March tour visiting the largest arenas in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Songs like Skin should make the people love her music, I am sure.


Nadine Sieben KIDS! – Känguru

This song gave me the biggest struggle this week. I really like the tunes by schlager artist Nadine Sieben. Here, however, she is releasing a children pop track, which is based on an original by Voxxclub. I simply loved it and had to share it with you – even though there is so slot, into which this listen would really fit in,


Madeleine Juno – Nicht Ich

Madeline Juno is a German pop and hip hop singer-songwriter. She is originally from Offenburg in Southwest Germany. She already kicked off her career in teenage years and released her fifth studio album Besser kann ich es nicht erklären in 2022. In her latest single, she is stating “That’s not me”. A feature track towards her sixth album release, Nur zu Besuch (“Just visiting”).


Rene Ulbrich – Mein Weg

Rene Ulbrich is a German schlager artist, who is originally from Freitag in Saxony. He is also on the final straight towards releasing a new album in mid February. Mein Weg (“My Way”) is a promising single release en route to Mein Klavier (“My Piano”).


Alexander Eder – Liebeslieder

“And again; I am only listening to love songs”. Do I need to say anything about Alexander Eder? His voice is characteristic, I love his songs. The Austrian artist is definitely one of my favorite schlager artists.


Jack Curley – Better With You

Jack Curley is a Greater Manchester. In his latest single, he is stating Everything is better with you. A really good pop song.


Sheryl Crow – Evolution

I still need to get used to that Sheryl Crow is rather moving to pop and rock music. This does not mean that I don’t enjoy what she is doing. Evolution is underlining the great talent of the musician, who is turning 62 in February. How could one argue against an artist, who has won nine Grammy Awards in her career and sold more than 50 million albums globally?


Natalie – Ein echter Diamant

Austrian aritst Natialie (full name: Natalie Ritt) closes this week’s list. The song is somewhere between chanson and pop. Maybe a rather untypical song in my release radar category – but finally, there is a space for good music of any genre in the Songs of the Week.


Title Picture: Sea Girls “I Want You To Know Me” single cover.


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