Songs Of The Week (week of 19 May 2023)

A public holiday in (parts of) Germany gave me the opportunity to collect some status Tier Points for my British Airways and German Rail account this weekend. The country music scene is already counting down the days until CMA Fest, while Europe will also kick off the festival season in a few weeks. So far, I am missing the typical summer pop hits – this week’s Songs Of The Week also only has a few candidates in this regard. Hopefully, listening to my selection of songs nonetheless gives you some sunshine in your heart.


Ashley Anne – Get Well Soon

Ashley Anne was in the spotlight in February 2023 when she released the single Dear Dolly. Her new track is a slow, soulful Americana song with lovely vibes. I love the voice and a the dark country-alike signature by the Virginia Beach origin artist.


H.E.R. – The Journey

The second track is also a slow and soulful listen made in the USA. H.E.R. is active since 2011, but became rather famous with her Grammy-nominated debut album Back of My Mind, which just missed winning the Album of the Year and the Best R&B Album categories. Beautiful listen.


Ellice – Stummes Klavier

Ellice is a just 15 years artist from Brandenburg in Germany. Apart from regional music contests, she has also been a finalist of The Voice Kids. The very dramatic and lyrical Stummes Klavier (“Muted Piano”) is her debut single. Amazing.


Blur – The Narcissist

It is eight years ago since the British band Blur released her last song The Magic WhipThe Narcissist is the first teaser for the new album by the London-origin rock band, The Ballad of Darren. They obviously still have quite some support from their fans – Wembley Stadium is booked twice for their upcoming tour.


Plus – I.d.g.a

I don’t give a… and an f-word are the title of this catching pop-rock track from Austria. Plus is the band around singer and songwriter Marco Prinner. Really nice one


Robert Grace – Casper

With Not OK, Robert Grace reached 17 million streams. The Irish singer-songwriter from Kilkenny released Casper this week – nice catch and a great groove.


Christian Theiner – Energie

Christian Theiner is from South Tyrol, the German-speaking region in Northern ItalyEnergie is a really nicely written track, somewhere between schlager and pop. One of my favorites this week.


Aurel – Sommerwind

Stefan Aurel Schlabritz’s voice is quite well-known in Germany – he is an active speaker for advertisements. On the musical side of his career, you feel that Aurel is living in Valencia for quite some time of the year – Sommerwind (“Summer Wind”) feels like Spain and flamenco.


Anne-Marie feat. Shania Twain – Unhealthy

If you record a single with country icon Shania Twain, you definitely have made it, don’t you? Or should you nowadays rather say: if you record a single with Anne-Marie, you definitely have made it? Decide on your own – and enjoy this British-Canadian collaboration.


Nicky Romero, Jonas Blue & Nico Santos – All You Need Is Love

No, this one is (luckily) no The Beatles cover. The collaboration of two DJ’s and producers, Dutch Nicky Romero and Jonas Blue from the U.K., with German-Spanish artist Nico Santos is another track in this week’s list with some summer vibes. Very nice production.


Aneta – 3/4 Days

Aneta Sablik won the 2014 German version of American IdolDeutschladn sucht den Superstar. However, her last English lyric single releases are dated as of 2018. The Polish artist could not connect to her chart-topping single The One (2014), which even won a golden record in Germany. Since 2018, she released some German lyric songs. I feel that her comeback to English songs is very promising.


Madsen – Hollywood

Hollywood will also be the title track of the new Madsen album. It is going to be released on 18th August 2023. Nice German rock track with beautiful lyrics about a kid and his fantasies (“Build me a Hollywood”).


Stranded Guns – I’m on your side

Thomen Stauch and Michael C. Kent grew up in Krefeld in the Lower Rhine region, North of Dusseldorf. They released a two track classic rock single this week. I went for the title track I’m on your side for this list of tracks.


Corey Taylor – Beyond

Corey Taylor has been one of the founders of Stone Sour. However, most ofyou will know him as the singer of Slipknot – and as an excellent solo artist. Lovely hard rock made in the United States.


Within Temptation – Wireless

The Dutch symphonic metal band around Sharon den Adel is closing this episode of Songs of the Week. They will play a couple of major festivals this summer – I feel that Wireless will be a good one to heat up the crowds (if any necessary).



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