Ron Sexsmith – The Vivian Line

Ron Sexsmith - The Vivian Line



4.6/5 Pros

  • Great range of songs
  • Beautiful arrangements

During the preparations for the releases as of 17th February 2023, the album The Vivian Lane by Ron Sexsmith definitely felt to be one of the most promising ones. Let’s see if it finally kept my expectations.


Ron Sexsmith – About The Artist

Ron Sexsmith is a Canadian folk-pop singer-songwriter. He was born on 8th January 1964 in St. Catharines in Ontario, where he also grew up and had his own band. In 1986, a year after he self-released the album There’s a Way on cassette, he and his family moved to Toronto. Since 1991, Sexsmith is regularly releasing albums. The Vivian Line is already his 17th album.


Ron Sexsmith – The Vivian Line – Track by Track

The thirteen song album lasts 36 minutes

1. Place Called Love

Somewhere in the darkest night, there’s a place called love – Ron Sexsmith opens his album with this beautiful gentle message. The song starts slow and then more and more widens the range of instruments. Lovely

2. What I Had In Mind

The second song is more present and also a bit more pop-alike. Nonetheless, Sexsmith again impresses with a smartly arranged, wide set of instruments. By quoting The Vivian Line in these lyrics, the song is also something like the title track of the album.

3. Flower Boxes

The third song feels a bit more sad. Flute-alike sounds and a slower vibe define the style of Flower Boxes. But there are also strings, a nice range of percussion and other elements, cool.

4. Outdated and Antiquated

Hopefully this 3:09 minute listen is not Outdated and Antiquated as a song… Finally, in contrast to the title, the song has quite some snappy elements. The song comes with some in-fact mainstream radio potential – and especially the closing of the track feels refreshing.

5. Diamond Wave

In fact the ride on a Diamond Wave feels more outdated or at least nostalgic then the song before. The track would have worked well on one of the artist’s early releases already. I do like the beautiful melody and the nice vibes. One of my favorite parts of the album.

6. Powder Blue

Powder Blue is coming with a rather monotonous, melancholic sound. The combination of strumming guitars and brass notes is another really nice listen, though.

7. One Bird Calling

With 2:16 minutes, the song is rather short, but with its pop-ish rhythm, it indeed leaves a memory in the heart of the listener. A nice ease without feeling cheap, which is also due to the nice balance between pop and folk sounds.

8. Country Mile

We could sit on the fence
Until the cows come home
But the world’s just passing us by

The song has a lovely flow and a really nice storytelling. I am sure many people love – and it fascinates me definitely as well.

9. This, That and the Other Thing

The next two songs are short ones of some 2:10 minutes each. This, That and the Other Thing and its drum computer style rhythm reminds of jazz-pop tracks. The song also has a nice groove created by the bass.

10. A Barn Conversion

Each song has its very own character on The Vivian Line. The song has a strong nostalgic feeling again. The vibe of the song is quickly catching you, though. Good one.

11. When Our Love Was New

The eleventh song is a lovely ballad-alike track. I just enjoy to close my eyes and listen to Ron Sexsmith. Beautiful.

12. Ever Wonder

If you like country music, the vibe of Ever Wonder might be the listen of your choice. The song is beautifully based on rather traditional rhythm, which could be the perfect soundtrack for a prairie ride.

13. Flowers All Along The Pathway

I received their album through two promotion sites. Interestingly, one one includes this song, the other version is a twelve song one. Even though having some additional music of this quality is a nice bonus, I somehow prefer to close with the horse ride (even though I like Flowers All Along The Pathway).


Ron Sexsmith – The Vivian Line – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Ron Sexsmith – The Vivian Line – My View

The Vivien Line held my expectation. Ron Sexsmith shows beautiful arrangements, which stay in your mind. The versatility of the release feels outstanding. There is no doubt that this one has to be a Top Pick!.


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