Songs Of The Week (week of 19th January 2024)

This week, I published how I feel to concentrate on one Country Music Playlist – at least until I found a better structure to release country music. This will not impact my release radar in here too much. This time, the Songs of the Week are published on Saturday already. That’s a bit of time pressure on my side – but how do you like it? Feedback is appreciated, as always.


Myrath – Into the Light

Myrath fans know Into the Light already from the band’s previous live appearances. Now the Tunisian progressive metal band are releasing the song as a single as well. The band is more and more becoming a regular guest in my Songs of the Week. And I more and more love what these guys are doing.


Nothing More – If It Doesn’t Hurt

The list of new releases this week kicks off with quite a lot of rock music. Nothing more are about to support Electric Callboy on their German, Austrian and Swiss tour dates. With their latest single release, the alternative metal band from San Antonio, Texas, USA, underlines why that might be a lot of of fun.


P.O.D. – I Won’t Bow Down

P.O.D. recently announced that they will release Veritas, their eleventh album overall, The Christian nu metal band from San Diego is just having a remarkable sound – regardless of the religious background. Cool track.


Revolverheld – Alors On Danse

The German rock band Revolverheld had their twentieth band anniversary in 2022. The quintet around singer Johannes Straete released a very special song: A (German stanzas) cover of the 2010 dance hit by Stromae, Alors On Danse. I am always a bit shy of featuring cover versions in here – but the Hamburg band definitely deserves this nomination. The song, by the way, deals with (stereo)typical German behavior.


Baba Shrimps – Best Days

Best Days is also the title track of the upcoming EP by the Swiss band Baba Shrimps. They will tour, majorly in Switzerland around the EP release in March 2024 as well. Cool track.


Marco Schober – Mia san anders

I had already closed this week’s list, before I got this lovely piece of Bavarian pop-rock. The song states “We are different”. Great listen – the song is just the second single release overall by the German artist.


Massendefekt – Sommerregen

Just a week before their album release, Massendefekt release a new feature single. The band from Meerbusch near Düsseldorf is recording a mixture of rock and punk tunes. Sommerregen (“Summer Rain”) feels very promising. The band is also having a couple of tour dates fixed for 2024


Master Peace – Start You Up

A masterpiece by Master Peace? I guess it is not the first time the British musician has to face this lousy word joke… He used to majorly do rap – but Start You Up illustrates that he is also a great pop musician.


Molly’s Peck – Nobody’s Listening

Julia is from Lörrach in very Southern Germany, Guilherme from Sao Paolo. The common surname Castelhano gives the hint that the duo is much closer bound than being on stage together. Nowadays, they live in Berlin – and doing great music somewhere between pop, R&B and soul. Love it!


Benson Boone – Beautiful Things

US West Coast artist Benson Boone already had a golden and a platinum record in his home country. However, especially with his 2022 single In The Stars, he became a global star. The song became a golden or platinum release in countries like Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Canada or Spain. Let’s see if the world loves Beautiful Things as much as well. The song has a great touch, definitely.


Falk – König Alkohol

German singer-songwriter is telling us his view about “King Alcohol” in his latest release. A very personal, somehow frightening listen.


Callum Scott – Lighthouse

Callum Scott is also a well-established musician in the European music scene. Especially with his emotional ballads, the British artist touched many hearts and finally made it becoming a support act for Ed Sheeran. Lighthouse is another beautiful pop release.


Nik P. – Alle Farben Liebe

Austrian Nik P. released this lovely song, somewhere between schlager and pop. Great storytelling and a very good song.


Marie Reim – Naiv

While I slightly struggled with the recent release by her father Matthias, I just love listening to Naiv by Marie Reim. A rather typical schlager track with a straight dance rhythm and some stereotypical synth chords.


Franziska Kleinert – Dreh die Uhr zurück

Franziska Kleinert had her first major appearance in the music business being the duet partner of German schlager and rock legend Peter in 1989. She is very successful as a songwriter, but also released four solo albums between 1994 and 2001. In 2022, she appeared in The Voice of Germany – and became part of Peter Maffay’s team. After a great 2023 single release, Helden, this year’s Dreh die Uhr zurück (“Turn back the time”) is another great write by the Southern German.


Phonoboy – Sunday, Sunday

The closing track this week is the melancholic pop song by singer-songwriter Christian Hoeck. The Munich artist and label owner released the song Sunday, Sunday under his alter ego Phonoboy. Nice one.


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