Ringo Starr – Zoom In EP

Ringo Starr - Zoom In



2.2/5 Pros

  • One really good Cons

  • Too many fails
  • Songs do not reach their potential

Ringo Starr – a true legend. With The Beatles, he has reached the top of the Olymp of Music – and it feels like the Fab Five have never left this position. On 19th March 2021, the former drummer of the Liverpool music legends releases a new EP. I was really curious to have a listen into Zoom In.


Ringo Starr – About The Artist

Ringo Starr, who was born as Richard Starkey, was born on 7th July 1940 in Liverpool. Even though he is nowadays typically felt to be the drummer of The Beatles, he was in fact the fourth person to perform in the rhythm machine. Neither Tommy Moore, nor Norman Chapman or Pete Best could convince the band’s management beforehand. The band became the best selling music act of all time, selling some 600 million units worldwide. In 1970, the year of the breakup of The Beatles, Starr already released his debut album Sentimental Journey, which sold half a million copies in the US only. His first major success was his third album, Ringo, which topped the Canadian charts and went Top 10 in the UK, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the USA. It was likely the most successful album by Ringo Starr, who released twenty long-players so far. Zoom In is in fact his second EP only, after the 4-Starr Collection in 1995.


Ringo Starr – Zoom In – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 19 minutes. In the album, Starr is joined by multiple big names of the music business, including Paul McCartney, Sheryl Crow or Chris Stapleton.

1. Here’s To The Nights

Here’s to the nights we won’t remember
With the friends we won’t forget
May me think of them forever
As the days that were the best
May we makе some noise togethеr
Make a beautiful mess
Say we did it allI

Is this German schlager, British style? The song is an amazing set of different voices, but overall, a song is more about its quality than about who is performing it. A great singer may uplift an average track to unexpected levels. But either, the song is even too weak to be average in this music all-star environment – or the cast is wrong. I definitely blame the song itself.


2. Zoom In Zoom Out

The title track comes with present rhythm and a bass groove in the background. Overall, I like the song much more than the opening failure – but it overall does not come with a lot of potential to finally reach the level a former Beatles member track should easily reach.

3. Teach Me To Tango

It is likely quite needless to say that Teach Me To Tango has a Latin dance touch. I would say that this song is the best song on the album. The oh-oh-oh backing vocals feel a bit too much to me – but overall, the song has a nice rhythm and feels energetic.

4. Waiting For The Tide To Turn

Waiting For The Tide To Turn introduces reggae vibes to the album. I like the rhythm and the brass sound. Nice melody and it has the potential to be much better than Teach Me To Tango – but somehow the arrangement and the lyrics spoil that a bit. Still a good song.

5. Not Enough Love In The World

There’s Not Enough Love In The World connects to so many Beatles and Ringo Starr songs asking for peace and love on Earth. Again, I feel that the song is rather a fail. It is too simple, not really well-arranged. This song can unfortunately not really reach me.


Ringo Starr – Zoom In – Spotify

Here is Zoom In on Spotify:


Ringo Starr – Zoom In – My View

One good song, one quiet good ones – and three others. It almost feels like high treason to the Gods of Music if you have to assign a person like Sir Ringo Starr a rating which is even not average. But Zoom In is not average – no matter how hard Starr tried by adding even more musical talent to these five songs. Bad luck, Ringo!



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