Little Big Town – Nightfall

Little Big Town - Nightfall



4.6/5 Pros

  • A lovely collection of different songs
  • Amazing voices
  • Superb arrangements of the individual songs Cons

  • Last two songs are weaker than the rest of the album

When it comes to the best country music vocalists, Little Big Town is always a hot candidate for the title. Four fantastic voices lead to a very special sound. Nearly three years after The Breaker, Little Big Town releases their next album, Nightfall.

Little Big Town – About The Artists

Little Big Town is definitely what you can call established artists – or living legends: being in the business for over two decades now, the group is still having the same four members which they had in 1998. Especially the outstanding voices of Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Philip Sweet and Jimi Westbrook lead to the very characteristic harmonic Little Big Town country music sound. The band has their roots in Alabama and already had some decent success with their self-titled 2002 debut album. The following record, the 2005 The Road to Here already gains Platinum status and lead the US Indie charts. In the 2010s, three “LBT” albums not only lead the US country charts, but made it to the Top 10 of the general US album charts. In 2012, the band had their first US Country number one hit with Pontoon. In 2016, Better Man headed the US Country and the US Country Airplay charts.


Little Big Town – Nightfall – Track By Track

The 13 track album Nightfall has a playing time of 46 minutes.

1. Next To You

Very melodic and choral-alike, I even felt a bit like in a Vangelis song: Next To You is a song as you expect it of the four. Lovely opener!

2. Nightfall

The title track is much more on the radio song side than the opener of the album. Nightfall is still impressing with the lovely voices. Nice one!

3. Forever And A Night

And I want you to hold me and take me into your arms
Safe from the storm
And, baby, let me love you and kiss you and I’ll make it alright
It might take some time
Give me forever and a night

A slow ballad, super-romantic – the album Nightfall starts with three very different songs. I like all three dishes they served yet – and we are still far away from dessert yet.

4. Throw Your Love Away

To stay in the language of food: Little Big Town don’t use too many ingredients in their meal – they rather rely on the quality of the stuff they mix into them. In case of Throw Your Love Away, it is quite classic country sound (also due to the steel guitars). Nice tunes…

5. Over Drinking

… though I like Over Drinking much more – the band seems to agree, as they released this song as single before. If you are looking for a song which characterizes the sound and potential of the band – Over Drinking could be a good candidate. Good one – or even better!

6. Wine, Beer, Whiskey

The brass in this song, which remind me of Iberian music, give the song a very special song. The song is “swinging” a lot of that, so that this song is definitely very special and has its own tunes.

7. Questions

Questions is to me the best song of the album. It has radio format and is great to listen – on the other hand, it illustrates so much of the great talent of the band as well as their versatile and multi-facetted songwriting. Country-pop paired with close to meditative moments – love it!

8. The Daughters

And pose like a trophy on a shelf
Dream for everyone, but not yourself
I’ve heard of God the Son and God the Father
I’m just looking for a God for the daughters

When I call Questions the best song of Nightfall, the already released The Daughters is likely the most impressive song of the thirteen ones. It just does not stop touching me, wow!

9. River Of Stars

With that track-by-track review format I decided for in my reviews, you sometimes run into the problem that you don’t want to repeat yourself. River Of Stars is maybe not my top suggestion of songs of the album, but – hey- they are all quite damn good.

10. Sugar Coat

If you have that number of amazing voices, you can just do what Little Big Town does: pick the right lead vocal for each song. Sugar Coat is a good listen – and the right choice and arrangement just gives the song a boost. Nice!

11. Problem Child

Piano, strings, voices – that’s all what the band needs… And they do another good song out of that!

12. Bluebird

Another rather gentle song, which is a bit hidden on the album to me in the middle of some great ones.

13. Trouble With Forever

Dessert or cheese plate already? Unfortunately, the last two songs of the album are not the highlight of Nightfall to me. Nice, but quite unflashy compared to the other candidates in that thirteen song collective contest.


Little Big Town – Nightfall – Spotify

The Spotify widget gives you a short impression of Nightfall:

Little Big Town – Nightfall – My View

I have to admit that Little Big Town is not the type of country music I listen to on a daily basis – but they just nail it! Nightfall is a lovely collection of songs, amazing (especially vocal) quality, they use their different voices perfectly to hit the right sound for each story, each song. about Country Music

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