Clay Walker – Texas To Tennessee

Clay Walker - Texas To Tennessee



4.6/5 Pros

  • Very good songwriting
  • Characteristic voice
  • Touches classic and new country elements

Clay Walker definitely knows how the country music business is working. The 51 year-old Texas origin artist is active since 1993. On 30th July 2021, he is releasing his twelfth studio album Texas To Tennessee. I had a listen.


Clay Walker – About The Artist

Ernest Clayton Walker Jr. was born on 19th August 1969 in Vidor, Texas. The city is located East of Houston. In his late teenage years, he slowly started to do music more professionally and finally also became the house singer in a bar in neighboring Beaumont. He got discovered and signed a contract in 1992, which lead to his 1993 self-titled debut album. Clay Walker made it to the top of the Canadian Country Charts and Top 10 in the USA, receiving a platinum record in both markets. Three singles of that album, What’s It To You (his debut single), Live Unitl I Die and Dreaming with My Eyes Open topped the singles charts in both countries. Two more Clay Walker songs late had that double-chart-topping as well: the 1994 If I Could Make a Living, the title song of his following album, and the 1997 Rumor Has It. Especially the success in Canada slowly faded, while most of his recent albums had quite decent chart placements in the Top 5 of the US Country charts. There were not too many publications, however. After the successful She Won’t Be Lonely Long (2010), there was only a download-only album in 2019, Long Live the Cowboy.


Clay Walker – Texas To Tennessee – Track By Track

The ten track album lasts 30 minutes.

1. Anything To Do With You

Needless to say too many words Anything To Do With You is simply a very good album opener. Pretty modern country sound with a touch of rock, good vocals, nice lyrics – Clay Walker 2021 feels comfortable.

2. Need a Bar Sometimes

We all need a bar sometimes
Lean back with a long neck on a neon night
Somewhere you can sip and unwind
Or hang out with the party crowd ’til closing time

The song feels like a bit like a Nashville stereotype, but is in fact not bad. Again, Clay Walker can catch the listener with a very present voice and powerful guitar plays. Nice variation between rather quiet, intimate and energetic moments. Wise opt to go for this track as a single release.

3. Catching Up With An Ol’ Memory

With Catching Up With An Ol’ Memory, Clay Walker moves a bit more to the emotional side of life. Finally, the 3:25 minute song turns into a really lovely country music ballad about unforgotten moments.

4. Country Side

I don’t like it too much when country music is hitting too many stereotypes. This song is about country life. Clay Walker does this topic in style. Hope we don’t have cold beer, pickup trucks and over-average lookin’ girls in the next tracks – it would really spoil somehow that Country Side is a really good song.

5. Cowboy Loves a Woman

If you read the title of the fifth song, you know the topic already. The song is an absolute beauty, very gentle, with just minimal rhythm and guitar in the background and lovely lyrics. Great listen!

This is the way a cowboy loves a woman
Like everything else, he gives it everything he’s got
When he finds the right place to hang his hat
He’s yours forever just like that
This is the way a cowboy loves a woman.

6. Texas To Tennessee

The title track is another rather slow song. A good track with a rather traditional touch, which is a good one – even though I enjoy other songs better.

7. I Just Wanna Hold You

I Just Wanna Hold You is the last track on the album, which Walker already shared with his fans. The track is having more tempo and rhythm again partially and thus shows the lovely way the artist works with different moods and put them into music. A very good and catchy listen.

8. Loving You Then

Loving You Then is a mid-tempo track with continuous, drum-computer style rhythm. Again, a rather traditional track – but the song does not feel outdated or boring at all. It is just a good listen.

9. You Look Good

You look in the middle of a little farm town
Good on my back seat riding around
You’re good in nothing
Good in a shirt
Right now you’re looking so good, it hurts!

I guess that You Look Good is a favorite for many listeners: it has a modern sound for the younger country listeners, but is still traditional enough to also make fans or rather classic style country enjoy the song. And we got some of the stereotypes – cold beer is in it as well. But it is simply so good, it hurts!

10. One More

The finisher of the album is One More. Driven by powerful guitar riffs, this is a final reason to move your feet while listening to Texas To Tennessee. Definitely a good musical road trip.


Clay Walker – Texas To Tennessee – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Clay Walker – Texas To Tennessee – My View

Texas To Tennessee is an album, which gave me a lot of fun. It listened to it multiple times and just could not stop smiling. Made with a lot of skill, it pleases a wide range of country music listeners. And Clay Walker’s voice is adding a nice signature element. Really good!


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