Talk Show – These People EP

Talk Show - These People



3.7/5 Pros

  • Four pretty good songs
  • Very different sounds and characters of songs Cons

  • Just four songs

Just before I was up to start my Friday session for the reviews as of 28th August 2020, I ran into the EP by the British punk rock / post punk band Talk Show. Not too much of a genre which had frequent presence on so far, but I definitely enjoyed their sound. Here are my thoughts about These People.


Talk Show – About The Artists

Talk Show are a punk rock / post punk band from South London. Their first recording is just from 2019, when Fast and Loud already received quite some good reputation as a single. The limited physical set of 500 copies has been sold very quickly as well.  The band consists of frontman Harrison Swann, George Sullivan (bass), Tom Holmes (guitar) and Chloe McGregor at the sticks. You should not mix her up with a former American hard rock band of the same name, though.


Talk Show – These People – Track by Track

The EP is four tracks and twelve minutes

1. Stress

Stress was finally the reason which persuaded me to put some focus on the Talk Show EP. I really like the sound, very powerful, but not too blasting punk rock. Nice!

2. Atomica

Atomica is the second single released from the album – and it is actually not too bad at all. The melodic elements are really a good listen again. The bridge is maybe a bit too much and too agressive – but I am sure that they fans will enjoy it, especially during live shows.

3. Banshee

I might get killed by the punk rock scene, but this song even had a bit of Brit Pop / Brit Rock to me. Banshee is really catchy, I like the melody, even though I am not too much into the spoken vocal elements. Great sound.

4. Petrolhead

With PetrolheadThese People has a quicker, a bit harder and more accentuated finish. Not a bad head bang at all. The guys just finally do a great sound.


Talk Show – These People – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget for the Talk Show debut EP


Talk Show – These People – My View

When I listen to debut albums or debut EP of bands, I very often use wordings like “showcase”. I feel at the beginning of a musical career, it is important to create a profile, so show your strengths and characteristics – but also not to be too boring and mono-lined so that you scare people of your music before they really listen to it. Talk Show do a really good show with These People. It is just four songs and twelve people, but the tracks give a range of sounds, pretty nice jobs. These People is Talk Show’s business card to the hearts of music lovers – and I feel there will be quite some deals for them. Good work!


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