Songs Of The Week (week of 09 September 2022)

This week, my Songs of the Week features a wide range of sounds. Quite a focus on Austrian and German artists again, from rock to schlager. Hope you enjoy my selection of songs.


Leepa – So Far It Just Sucked

A great new artist from Germany: Leepa is doing a powerful pop sound with rock element. Just two minutes long, but So Far It Just Sucked is a great one – and just a few months after the Brain Freeze EP release.


Pixies – Dregs of the Wine

From a new artists to more than established music: the Los Angeles origin alternative band Pixies do music since a bunch of decades now – and they still feel fresh, good – and not outdated at all.


Placebo – Shout

I am not doing cover songs in here too often – I was rather surprised that the London guys go for this Tears for Fears classic. But… I like it!


Davina Michelle – I Love You More

Davina Michelle is huge in the Netherlands – but now, she is pushing more and more into other international markets. I Love You More is a great illustration that this step is absolutely sensible.


ClockClock – Someone Else

Back to Germany: ClockClock is a music project from Landau, Germany. The lead is singer Bojan Kalajdzic. They already had some golden records in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – this track is a great listen as well.


Will Joseph Cook feat Tessa Violet – Gummy

Cool alternative pop from the USAGummy just made me smile whole listening – and thus, I felt that these guys deserved a spot in the playlist.


Mimoza – Madly

Mimoza already stormed into the hearts of US-American and German listeners. The Los Angeles based artist released Madly this week. Love her sound.


Rahel – Sticks & Stones

The first Austrian artist on my list this week. I already have a certain focus on the Vienna-based pop artist, Sticks & Stones is another catchy and rhythmic track by the emerging artist. Thumbs up.


Samu Haber – Hometown Gang

Samu Haber, lead of the just split up band Sunrise Avenue, is presenting a single. Hometown Gang comes with a new sound, but there is some touch reminding of the Finnish band as well.


Alexander Eder – Ganz normal gestört

Okay, I guess I don’t need to introduce Austrian Alexander Eder to you any more. He is popping up so frequently on so often – just because he is such a good artist, such an amazing voice. Great new song.


kla:r – Seelenbild

Sascha Klar is the mastermind behind kla:r. Great songwriting, good melodies and arrangement. A very intimate moment given to us by the German artist.


Max Raabe & das Palast Orchester – Wer hat hier schlechte Laune

Max Raabe has also quite some presence on my website already. I just love to travel with him into the music of the 1920’s. The song title translates to “Who is having a bad mood here?”. I definitely don’t belong to that group when I listen to his music.


Fee Badenius – Nacht (new edit)

A new recording of a song already published in 2018. Beautiful, fragile German pop track.


Gina Brese – Tu’s

Gina Brese is typically known as a saxophone player in Germany. Tu’s “(“Do it!”) is her debut single release. Die-hard schlager track with a nice vocal performance.


Münchener Freiheit – Komm mit mir

Müncherner Freiheit have already been pop / schlager big guns in the 1980’s. However, since they replaced their singer, their success just does not feel to keep up that well. Maybe this single can lift them up again?


Melissa Naschenweng – Kompliment

I hate when schlager feels too streamlined and mainstream. Austrian Melissa Naschenweng is definitely adding her own character and style to the genre – not only as she is singing in Austrian dialect. Enjoy her latest single.



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