Wagging – My Own Private Radio

Wagging - My Own Private Radio



3.6/5 Pros

  • Debut album with a clearly defined sound
  • Nice, different character songs

While I am packed with new releases as of next week and later, the album and single releases as of 5th January 2024 are still kind of sparse. This leads to a chance for minor acts to focus on. Honestly, I could not find out too much about the band Wagging. The alternative pop band states on their Bandcamp site Wagging is Alison, Mark & Emily: three friends making harmony-driven, primitive pop in Asheville, NC. As I could not find any other long-play release from the trio, I strongly assume that My Own Private Radio is their debut album.


Wagging – About The Artists

I ran into the band and their album through release lists and thus don’t have any press kit or similar information. I am even a bit confused about their lineup. According to the Bandcamp quote above, the band is a trio. However, the same page states three band members, of which one name is different: Alison Antaramian seems to be the head of Wagging, doing, guitar, keyboard, vocals, but also the songwriting. Marc Capon is the bassist of the band, while their sites names Newt Pal as drummer, keyboarder and backup vocalist. The music video to the only single release so far, Marigold (see below), just focuses on Alison and Marc.


Wagging – My Own Private Radio – Track by Track

The eight track album lasts 25 minutes.

1. Alien

The opener Alien is a rather gentle song, which comes with a quite monotonous signature on the instrumental side. Antaramian’s vocals lead to a dreaming, wide-space space feeling, which finally is a nice fit to the song’s title. However, towards the end, the song suddenly becomes more energetic for a surprising moment.

2. Bent

Compared to Alien, Bent feels very different. Especially the stanzas of the song have a strong pop character and come with a friendly melody and a lot of ease of listening. One of my favorites.

3. Bad Twin

Bad Twin rather moves from the alternative pop touch of the songs before to alternative rock. The bass and the guitars are more forceful than in the songs before, the spirit of the song is a bit of darker as well. The song is definitely a nice listen.

4. Marigold

Wagging decided to share Marigold with us as their only feature. I especially appreciate the beautiful chorus of the fourth song of the album, which nicely stays in your mind. The music video is worth a stream as well.

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon, my best friend – I hope that this statement is rather metaphoric and no description of the social status of Wagging. The song is full of emotional statements like I Wanna Go Where You Go, which stay in your mind. Overall, the song is rather laid back with a certain keyboard presence as well.

6. Bound

With Bound, the album is becoming more energetic and rocking again. The song even has a touch of folk rock and thus leaves a mark, even though it is the shortest listen of the album.

7. Green Apple Snow

With almost four minutes, the Gren Apple Show is the longest track of My Own Private Radio. The song opens with some bells, but then majorly strikes with a beautiful and gentle melody.

8. Milk Throat

The closing track Milk Throat is likely having the the most present bass presence. Unfortunately, it does not create too much fascination to me.


Wagging – My Own Private Radio – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Wagging – My Own Private Radio – My View

My Own Private Radio comes with a clearly defined structure and sound. This is definitely a good thing and leads to a nice foundation to attract people to the music of Wagging. Without being overwhelmingly in love to the rather short eight songs, I simply had a good time with the US-American band. And that’s definitely not too bad.

Favorite Song: Bent


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