Dirty Heads – Midnight Control Sessions: Night 2 EP

Dirty Heads - Midnight Control Sessions: Night 2



3.8/5 Pros

  • Nice modern reggae vibes. Cons

  • Just four songs
  • Big catching moment missing

Founded in 2006, the Dirty Heads are really a constant part of the US music scene. They just have released eight albums so far. On 14th April 2023, the reggae rock band share a four song EP with their listeners. I enjoyed having a listen to Midnight Control Sessions: Night 2 already before publication date and share my thoughts.


Dirty Heads – About The Artists

The Dirty Heads are from Huntington Beach in Greater Los Angeles, California. The band consists of eight members, four of them are part of the project since its very beginning. Jared Dirty J Watson and Dustin Duddy B Bushnell share the singing part, Bushnell is also the guitarist. Jori Olazabal is the percussionist of the Dirty head and is a founding member as well as bassists David Foral. The other members are Matt Ochoa (drums), Shawn Gonzales (keyboards), Mark Bush (trumpet) and Ruben Durazo (trombone). The band was especially successful in the mid-2010’s. For example, their 2014 album Sound of Change lead the US Alternaitve charts and was in the US overall Top 10. With the 2017 song Vacation, the band received a golden record in the USA and Canada.


Dirty Heads – Midnight Control Sessions: Night 2 – Track by Track

The four songs EP lasts 12 minutes.

1. Rescue Me

Rescue Me is the only already released track of this album. The song samples Sublyminal’s California (Here We Come), but then develops its very own style. The song has a cool groove, but I would rather call it a hip hop – pop song than thinking about reggae or rock.

2. Island Glow (feat. Monsieur Perine)

The band already released this song with the Common Kings, now they asked the Columbian band Monsieur Perine for support. The South Americans add a really nice touch to the song, which is also much more reggae-alike. Very nice one.

3. John Linen

John Linen is working with electronic sounds and hip hop parts again. Despite this rather modern style, you still feel the reggae heart in this song. Very summer-alike, modern track.

4. Bright Side

If you need me you can find me on the bright side – even though there are hip hop parts again, this one is definitely a nice, very modern reggae recording. Great vibes.


Dirty Heads – Midnight Control Sessions: Night 2 – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Dirty Heads – Midnight Control Sessions: Night 2 – My View

This add-on to the 2022 album Midnight Control is indeed a nice listen. The band is using certain elements, but overall, the songs feel fresh and new. Very nice groove. On the negative side, I don’t see the big, catching track of the album. And it is just four songs. Nonetheless, a fun listen.



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